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Akiko Audio Powercord HQ Flex U.S.

€ 189,00 each



Akiko Audio Powercord HQ Flex US

A good power supply is extremely important. The HQ Flex power cable offers excellent quality for an affordable price.

The cable is composed of four copper conductors, isolated very well by polyethylene (XLPE), which has excellent isolating properties (much more so than the oft used PVC).

The HQ Flex cable is double shielded by aluminium foil and copper braid.

We use a symmetric double earth to avoid EMI / RFI pollution.

That makes our cable unique!

The result is a cable that contributes substantially towards enhancing your power supply, which in turn improves your music rendering.

The Akiko Audio Powercord HQ Flex is available in three models:

- With Akiko Audio copper connectors: warm sounds, a lot of detail and good dynamics.

- With Akiko Audio gold connectors: neutral, slightly warm, sounds and excellent detail rendering and dynamics.

- With Akiko Audio rhodium connectors: neutral sounds and excellent detail rendering and dynamics.

We assemble and finish the HQ Flex cables in our workshop. Therefore, the cable can be supplied in any length. Mail us, if you want to order a different length.

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- Standard length 1.5 meter ( 4,92 ft ).

  Every other length on request.

- Made in EU.

- Handmade.

- Cable diameter 9,5 mm.

- The HQ cable has 4 X 2.5mm O.F.C. conductors,
  each with 39 stranded wires.  

- XLPE cross-linked polyethylene insulation with excellent resistivity.

- Foil shielded and copper braid shielded.

- Black sleeve.

- Halogen free and PVC free.

- Provided with two Akiko Audio Audio Grade connectors, cryogenic treated.