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Franz from Switzerland on the Minelli

Dear Marc,

I admire the grace, the delicacy and the incredible musical substance of your Minelli. It’s magical Music!

I am positively surprised by the sound image and can hear the individual instruments of the orchestra like the organ.

I can honestly recommend the Minelli to anyone. You can get rid of all other net filters. I no longer hear interference or noise and the music no longer sounds muffled. Like the bass, the treble tones are precise and firm in sound. The CD player has approximated the sound quality of the LP, the old Revox tape recorder sounds much better.

Buying this device was the best decision I ever made.

I thank you for the great collaboration.

Kind regards,

Franz Christian Graf, Kirchberg (CH)


Edwin from the Netherlands on the Castello

Dear Marc,

I’ve finally pulled the plug on the Castello. I couldn’t get myself to try as I was so happy with its sound. But back to basics is the best way of finding out what the Castello actually does to your sound, hence this test. Well, if you’re looking for that little bit extra to move from good to great: here it is! The Castello increases the size of your room, the music is more dynamic yet you’re able to listen to everything more relaxed. Without it, everything sounds flat. Without it you become restless, uneasy, you may even decide to do something else. How to improve? Quickly plug the Castello back in, ah… saved!




Dirk from Germany 


Dear Mr. Sander & Mr. Marc!

Only after using your devices do I have nothing left to wish for - I actually and finally hear music - no ifs and buts.

Now I was lucky to have noticed Akiko Audio by chance, but that's how it is in life, everything happens in due time.

My daughter will certainly also be one of your customers, though we are still thinking about what is necessary and financially possible, as she has a "small but fine" music system (value: 1,500 EUR). Here it is important to consider how much money we will keep investing and in which product.

Anyway, I am really very, very HAPPY that you have developed such good products.

The "troubleshooting" or that feeling something "musically" is missing, IT’S GONE!

Kind regards and thank you very much,

Dirk Ostermeier


Teus from France

Dear Marc,

As promised, I would provide you with an update of my findings after recently acquiring Akiko accessories and cables. Impatient as I am I connected all parts at the same time. The AQ Jitterbug has been moved to the router and the Universal Tuning Sticks are connected to the speaker cables on the amplifier side. And so the adventure begins. 

You know from experience that there is a certain play-in period to take into account. That’s no different in this case. At the start my set-up sounded hesitant, a bit reserved, and flat. There was no nuance, it was clearer but the bass stayed behind compared to what I was used to.

Over time, the sound started to bloom, became more open and at the moment of writing this I can say that there is a spectacular improvement on all fronts: lots of dynamics, a great timbre, spaciousness, and more atmospheric. The music sounds focused and an there’s an increased feeling of liveliness. The high, middle and low are balanced out. In one word: fantastic!

To anyone thinking of purchasing Akiko products I would like to say: give it time to play-in (at least 2 weeks) and enjoy the experience afterwards.

I am very satisfied. My next investment won’t be till the beginning of next year but I’ll definitely report back to continue this story.

Warm regards from sunny Southwest France,



Hannes from Belgium

Dear all,

Today I received the Triple AC. Neatly packed and with a nice ballpoint pen. I plugged it into the analogue power conditioner next to the pre- and power amplifier sockets (I read in a different review that close to the amplifier would provide the best result). Now it can fully start to settle in.

As was the case when I first connected my DIY unit in the fuse box, I have music playing in the background whilst I’m going about my business, waiting for a chance for a more intensive listening session. And yes, like you describe the effect is immediately audible and is in line with the DIY unit’s effect. Maybe even more pronounced! That’s when I let myself get tempted to take place in the sweet spot, just to listen to three reference songs…

My MartinLogans make voices and instruments sound super natural anyway, and the spatial rendering is sublime. The voices, for example, sound high enough to make singers stand in the room instead of kneeling down….

The promised improvements of the Triple AC on those fronts sound like music to this audiophile’s ears 😉

I’ve known my installation for a couple of years now and the properties that I am so passionate about have been upgraded with your products!

The analogue, spacious and especially realistic rendering are already noticeably being pushed into the right direction with the Triple AC, which makes me look forward to hearing the fully played-in result!

I didn’t expect my sound to get any better, but am so happy to have achieved these improvements after all! 

When everything is fully played-in and I have more time I will share further experiences…

Kind regards,

Hannes V


Hellmut from Germany

Hello Marc van Berlo,

I have had your tuning sticks since March 8th. My music comes from the Duevel Bella Luna omnidirectional speakers, which create room acoustics that no directional speaker can do. The other devices are by no means mass-produced items from electronics stores either. The power comes through a Supra DC-Blocker in a Supra power strip. All the cables in my set-up are also Supra.

The room acoustics are measured with a Dirac Live room correction system and the output frequency curve of the measured results is correspondingly linearized. 

And that’s how I enjoy mainly instrumental classical music, acoustically very close to the concert room experience.

The idea that such sticks could actually make a difference or even improve my set was not one I was seriously entertaining. But because of the many positive reviews, and the option to return it if I wasn’t satisfied, convinced me to order one anyway.

All sticks were installed simultaneously, on the RCA of the preamplifier, in the first socket of the power strip and on the cables directly at the speakers.

When I heard the first piece I though the system sounded very good, as usual of course. So, for a proper comparison I removed the Sticks and played the same piece again. Somewhere, something wasn’t right. The acoustic space seemed narrower, the music denser. I reinstalled the Sticks and immediately the room became more open, broader, larger. The music become airier, differentiated, more precise and more detailed.

I subsequently tried this back and forth several times, with a variety of different music, yet every time the effect was clear. So, I am amazed I have to admit that the Tuning Sticks actually have a sound-improving effect, so much so even that my concert room has become an acoustic concert hall and I don’t want to listen without these Sticks anymore!

Thank you very much for such magical wands and best regards to Maastricht,

Hellmut Kreimeyer


Thomas from Germany on the USB Tuning

Hello, Sander!

I'm using Akiko Audio USB Tuning Sticks for the Router, my Mac mini, for my Antipodes Streamer, and the last ones bought for my monitor (with 3 USB inputs), always together with an AudioQuest Jitterbug FMJ. I've tested this as the right combination. The Jitterbug FMJ for more resolution, a Jitterbug alone: too bright! The Akiko for quietness. The more Akikos, the more quietness.

So i'm using two Akikos USB and one Jitterbug for my monitor. And the picture got immediately better, more resolution, better depth and colours (= quietness in sound, i guess?!)

Thank you for your work. It works!

With kindest regards.



René from the Netherlands on the Phono Booster

Well… after connecting the booster, me and my listening buddy didn’t even need two minutes to hear the difference in this new and improved sound. I won’t bore you with a description of all the changes, but the result is – straight from the box – truly amazing.

I live in a surrounding that is ripe with high frequency signals. Not only telephone masts and the like, but also a police office around the corner, the fire brigade around another, and the high voltage power lines of the tram line running through my neighbourhood. I’ll be enjoying a busy ‘noise-less’ weekend, enjoy yours!



Fred from the Netherlands on the Phono Booster

This beautiful product won’t be disappearing from my set any time soon! It immediately makes the important things audible and I’ve already passed on my great experiences to a number of friends. Thank you very much, and good luck with your business.

Kind regards,



Wijbe from the Netherlands on the Corelli

Dear Mr. Van Berlo,

Let me first thank you for the fast service! I have just connected the Corelli to the power strip and can already hear the improved effect. My set-up has become more and more professional over time and now the music sounds even more realistic and fluent. Even though the device still has to be played-in, I’m already very impressed.

Currently I’m enjoying a recording with a unique amount of rest; thank you very much!

Kind regards, Wijbe


John from the Netherlands on the Tuning Stick AC

Hello Akiko,

You’re very welcome to put my review on your website. I’ve experimented a lot with sounds over the past few years, since a true audiophile always sees rooms for (even) more improvement. Hence, I also tried mains filters. However, even though I could hear more clearness and detail, I stopped using them because I didn’t experience a better end result. 

So, I went back to the basics: high quality cables and a high-quality power strip. The only significant tweak I use is a Furutech audio fuse that I bought from you and placed in my amplifier. After this improvement I only wanted a bit more rest and space in the music, but since filtering wasn’t an option any more, I decided to try the Tuning Stick AC. 

I plugged it in, waited half an hour and then cranked up the volume with Tom Petty’s bluesrock. What can I say? I believethat the sound has become smoother, guitars sound slicker, and Tom’s voice sounds a bit less like he has a cold. Moreover, the instruments seem to be more in focus (more defined). Regardless, I’m not taking the Stick out any more. It’s a very pleasant improvement! 



Simon from Paris on the Minelli  and power cord HQ Flex

Hello Akiko!

Without exaggerating I can say that by using your tuning products and HQ power cable I’m able to enjoy my music even more. The Minelli Powerconditioner has created a more natural and pleasant rendering, which is especially audible with female voices and acoustic instruments in my favourite music styles: jazz and classical. 

I’ve used the HQ power cable to replace the standard one on my Accuphase 470 amplifier (which I should’ve done a long time ago). Strange really, that a manufacturer of such a precious device would put a cheap cable alongside it in the box. I’ll be replacing the other cables in my set with your power cables as well. Just as soon as I’ve fattened the piggy bank. I am one very happy customer! 



Pierre from France on the Castello

Hello Marc

I am currently listening to my system. Didn’t took time (no patience) to connect the headamp but the DAC and computer are.

I can tell you my friend that the Castello is the greatest audio accessory that I purchased so far!

You can’t fool my system : XI Audio and Abyss are very transparent conveyors. I immediately heard the difference : significantly lower noise floor, new details arising, better separated instruments, and more air and relief here.

All I can say is: Muawawawawawaw !!!!


Helmut, Berlin on the Power Conditioner Minelli

Hello Marc,

I just wanted to take a minute and give you a brief feedback on the Minelli. 
My system already sounded very natural and very detailed, so I was somewhat skeptical how much further improvement could be gained within my budget.

I have now tested the Minelli for four days, and here are a couple of the most noticeable improvements: Frank Sinatra ‚Only the Lonely‘ (2018 CD Remaster, Stereo Version) always sounded fine to me. With the Minelli in the chain, I could not hear much of a difference at first. Yet, when I unplugged your device, I heard occasional dissonances in the high tones, that I had not noticed before, and that I now found fairly annoying ! I plugged the Minelli back in, and everything was ‚good‘ again. I repeated this A/B test with other recordings, with similar results.
Listening fatigue was never a problem here, but I noticed that ‚total immersion‘ now begins at a noticeably lower volume. Which of course is a good thing both for me and our neighbors. 
So far, I have not noticed any negative side effects and I don‘t believe I will.

In a word, the Minelli delivers exactly as promised and I find it a most worthy addition to my system.
Thanks again for a most pleasant experience. And if you have a mailing list, please feel free to keep me updated on future developments.

Best wishes, 



Marcel from Delft on the Interlinks Silver Spirit RCA

As a satisfied user of your tuning products – mainly the Triple AC and Ground Conditioner Castello – I wanted to know more about your hand made interlinks. Now that I’ve properly tackled the power supply, I’ve noticed how sensitive my set is to any changes or improvements. That’s why I’m pickier about good quality and why I critically examine the power and signal cables in my system. My most important interconnect is the one between the streamer and amplifier. For years, this has been a Kimber from the Select series. However, now that I’ve compared it to the Akiko Audio Silver Spirit, the Kimber has been put aside and serves only the CD player (which I hardly ever use). The improvement is clear from the second you switch everything on: the music sounds more spacious, the low just keeps rolling on and especially the high sounds more refined. Clearly this cable lifts the set to a higher lever! You may place my ‘review’ on your website.

Jürgen from Dortmund on the Power Conditioner Minelli

I’ve been enjoying my audio hobby for over thirty years. Industry advicehas changed quite a bit over that period. In the past, people hardly paid any attention to the cables or the power supply. Nowadays, however, I know better! Clean electricity is the basis for every good hi-end set. What has changed even more though, is the influence of high frequency noise in our environments. This causes unpleasant disturbances in the rendering and has been the main reason for me to purchase your power conditioner. That it works is clear and in my system the voice rendering has especially improved. A great investment that I recommend to everyone: once you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ll never want to go back!

Jari from Finland on the E-Tuning Gold mkII

Hello Akiko! Here’s a message from your loyal customer from the cold north! I received the E-Tuning a while ago and placed it on my Fisch Reference power divider, between my system’s power cables. I’ll send you a picture soon. The combination of digital audio and Canton speakers could sometimes be a bit sharp, but after placing the E-Tuning this has greatly improved. The rendering still sounds dynamic, but without the sharp edge. A great and beautiful accessory that works exactly as you describe it on your website. I’m a happy customer!

George from Hong Kong on the Power Conditioner Corelli

Now that I’ve used your product for three months, I would like to share my experiences with the readers of this website. It all started last year when I purchased the Triple AC Enhancer, following the advice of a close audio friend who I’m keen to listen to. The Triple was such a success that I became very curious about the Corelli. In my listening room I could clearly hear a more natural sound and improved voice rendering. My Kharma speakers (also from The Netherlands!) have never before produced such a beautiful sound.

The Corelli arrived last fall, sturdily packed and with a clear instruction manual. I connected it to the rest of my set and immediately started listening – without even waiting for the play-in time. From the get go the Corelli was a beautiful improvement that I didn’t want to miss from my set anymore. I live in a large apartment building with a shared power supply, which is obviously not an ideal situation. The Corelli allows me to render my music cleaner, even in these difficult conditions. Thank you very much, I’m greatly indebted to you!

Jose Antonio, Spain about the Tuning Sticks

Yesterday I received the custom rca tuning stick and the first impression was wow, fabulous !! 

I  know that i need  to burn-in it 150 h. to get the best but with it my music sounds more realistic, more fluid, more sensation of live. Together with the other two rca tunning sticks they provide the best improvement to date that I have experienced with an accessory ! Thank you very much for your products.


George, Amsterdam about the Power Conditioner Minelli

I promised I would share my experiences with you, so here goes! I received the Minelli within two days: sturdily packed with an Akiko Audio pen as a gift. I couldn’t contain my curiosity that Friday evening and immediately connected the power conditioner to my set. I noticed a quieter rendering but didn’t have enough time in the weekend to really test the improvements. A week later, with my spouse out for the evening, I did have time to seriously compare. I picked out my favourite music – Bach’s Cantates 61 and 36, performed by La Petite Bande – and listened to it with and without the Minelli. Again, an increase in peace and rest, but maybe that’s not the right way to express myself: the various vocal parts were more distinguishable and the instrumental accompaniment, mainly the organ and string instruments, were also separately audible, more enjoyable and easier to follow. The voices are placed beautifully in the room and when I removed the Minelli, the rendering clearly became flatter and less exciting. Now that I’ve had it connected for several weeks the sound seems to have developed even further into a direction that I think is truly pleasant: more natural and even more relaxed.

Jaap, Groningen about the Power Conditioner Minelli

After listening to the overly popular Eagles’ recording, Hotel California, on their live album, I knew I just had to share my thoughts on the Minelli with those guys from Akiko Audio! Seeing as the 30 days ‘free return’ period has passed you can be sure that I’m satisfied with my purchase. At first, I wanted to buy the high-end product, the Corelli, but seeing as the price difference is rather steep, I decided – after exchanging a number of emails with Akiko – to go for the Minelli. I believe I was one of the first customers to choose for it. When it arrived, I first connected the Minelli to my power supply for a number of days, before proceeding to listen to the music. I know my system very well so hooking up the Minelli was easy enough, after which I waited excitedly for the improvements to a sound that I thought I was already absolutely satisfied with. I won’t keep you in suspense: the improvement is simply marvellous and exactly as described on the website! As a bonus I noticed a new layer in the rendering; great news for my decision to invest in proper monitor speakers. Make sure you give it time though: I started noticing clear improvements after about 14 days. I’ve become a happy man, again… what a beautiful product! Thank you, gentlemen.

Josè, Spain about the Power Conditioner Minelli

As a true music fan, I was of course eager to find out what your new Minelli would do for me. My Audio Research equipment is connected to Sonus Faber speakers and a Fisch Reference power strip, though the current comes from a wall socket as I live in an apartment building. I love listening to classical music, but also enjoy older high-quality jazz recordings. Despite the high quality of my equipment, I thought I’d be able to improve on my sound by further improving on the power supply. At my request you played the Minelli in for two weeks in your studio before sending it to me, so I could better evaluate the device right off the bat. I truly appreciate such an extra service! Listening to Astrut Gilberto’s cheerful Bossa Nova sounds (A certain smile) I noticed how the lightly recorded songs gained more depth from the clearer voice and instrument rendering; beautiful! I made a new journey through my records collection and gave the Minelli a well-deserved spot in my set.

Geert, Utrecht about the Power Conditioner Minelli

As you know, I bought a Tuning Stick RCA last year. I’m very pleased about the increase in space and fuller sounds it’s given me, which is why I decided to order the Minelli. I put it next to my Accuphase class A amplifier, and have had it running for the past two weeks. Although I’ve been doing much to improve the power supply of my set over the past few years, your Minelli still managed to add an incredible amount of quality to my sound! I can easily follow the separate voices and instruments in a busy recording, and it seems as if the amplifier has even more control over my speakers. Even on a low volume I’m able to hear everything, which is important to me as sound travels quite a bit through my house. I’m more than satisfied with both tuning products!

Albert, Brussels about the Power Conditioner Minelli

I’d like to share my first impressions with the readers of your website. It all started as follows: a good friend advised me to try an Akiko Audio product because he’d been so satisfied about it himself. After viewing your different products, I decided that improving my power supply would be the most logical choice. The Corelli was too expensive, so I opted for its younger brother: the Minelli. I love listening to rock and pop from when I was younger and although my speakers and audio equipment aren’t cheap, I sometimes still miss a kind of engagement and have trouble staying focused on the music. Why is this relevant? Because this is exactly what the Minelli managed to fix for me! The rendering truly touches me. More engagement and less listening fatigue. I can’t explain why, but I experience the music as being more relaxed and natural. The Minelli has therefore exceeded all expectations!

Jari, Finland about the Triple AC Enhancer

I’m a real numbers guy. To measure is to know! So naturally I was quite sceptical when I borrowed a friend’s Triple AC Enhancer. Your website failed to provide me with a scientific explanation of how the products works, however, after exploring your measurement reports I thought I could carefully conclude that the noise reduction happens in a very high frequency range and is therefore very difficult (or even impossible) to measure with standard equipment. As I love music and am simply very curious, I decided to give the Triple a chance in my high-end music system. I gave it a place in my power strip and listened to a number of very popular pieces from my collection. And I must admit, the difference (that is, improvement) was huge! Vocals gain more body, music sounds cleaner and more restful. To be even more honest: I’ve been trying to achieve this sound for a while now, and have spent a fortune on equipment and speakers in doing so. The Triple, it turns out, sends the sound in a direction that truly pleases me! A great product, you can be sure to hear from me again soon.


About the Ground Conditioner Castello

Dear Marc,

After adding the Corelli and Harmonizer unit to my set, I thought I had achieved optimal noise reduction, but now that I’ve added the Castello and connected it to my amplifier, DAC and Switch, it appears believing this was a mistake. The Castello lifts my sound to an even better, unprecedented level. Every trail of noise has disappeared; the music sounds immaculate right up to the softest passages. Everyone who, like me, bought a Corelli and is satisfied with their newfound results should definitely try out the Castello. Once again, you’ve managed to create a great product that music fans simply cannot ignore. I love it!

P.s. A second Castello in combination with the Corelli has made everything sound even more fine: peace, rest and quiet – leaving room only for the music. An unparalleled success!

Felix, Hilversum


About the DIY Fuse-Box unit

Dear Akiko Audio gentlemen,

About a month ago I bought my DIY Power Unit from you and installed it in my Medevoort PFM2 mains filter, which is connected to a separate audio group. I must admit that I couldn’t hear any improvements at first.  However, as time passed, I could hear my sound get better day by day. Now, after about a month, I must admit that the difference is enormous. It’s incredible what this tiny thing is able to achieve!

My sound wasn’t bad to start off with, but it has now become more open, more sparkling, deeper, looser and more. I’m incredibly satisfied about this product. My set holds multiple Akiko tuning devices, which by themselves already produced great results, but this DIY has surpassed all expectations. Many thanks!

Bert, The Netherlands


About the Tuning Stick XLR

Hi Marc, 

Just thought I would let you know that the tuning sticks XLR are settling in with the emmlabs dac2x and RCM sensor 2.  After 24-48hrs they have settled down and the improvement in timbre detail and weight as well as soundstage are very apparent on both and working well.

Just thought you would like to know that your product play nicely with emm labs and RCM.


Simon, Australia


About the Castello Ground Conditioner

Hello Akiko,

Two weeks ago I received the Castello Ground Conditioner, thoroughly packaged and with a clear instruction manual. I followed your advice and connected it to the three most often used devices in my audio set: the pre-amp, streamer and my NAS. I wasn’t unsatisfied with my sound at all, but as I have enjoyed the positive effects of your products before, I hoped for improvements nonetheless. I wasn’t disappointed: remarkably upgraded sound right off the bat! I experienced a more peaceful sound, with a clear rendering of every instrument. It’s as if I’ve invested in better equipment. I’m convinced nothing else would  have let me achieve these kind of improvements, except maybe a different brand ground box – but those are twice or sometimes even four times the price. You’re reading a very satisfied customer’s review! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Paul, London



About the Triple AC Enhancer

Dear Sander,

Of course you can place my review on your customer page. 

The triple AC Enhancer arrived within a couple of days – packaged nice and sturdily – and connecting it was easy enough:  I simply plugged it into my Furutech power strip. I was away on a trip for the first few days, but when I came back I started streaming my favourite music from my NAS: classical, jazz and modern recordings. Immediately, I noticed that everything sounded better. My wife, upon entering the room, confirmed this. The music seemed to sound more natural and dynamic, which was especially audible in pieces by Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. These old recordings became cleaner and fresher, and different to what I was used to. 

After removing the Triple AC from my power strip I was quite shocked to hear what it had sounded like before. Had I really been listening to that for all those years? Clearly this was a more shallow and distant rendering. Nor did it sound very fresh anymore. So I quickly put the Triple back and low and behold – I hadn’t imagined it – the beautiful sounds were back.

A couple of days later I repeated this “test” and then decided I was convinced: the Triple has become a permanent upgrade for me to enjoy. 

Sven, Denmark



About the Corelli

Hello Akiko team,

As promised, I provide you with a small report of my experiences with the Corelli Power Conditioner. I am a big fan of classical music, especially pieces performed by world famous orchestras. What I find especially important when listening to these, is that the instruments can be heard separate from one another and that the acoustics in the orchestra halls are recognizable in the recording. I regularly visit performances, so I know what it sounds like live. 

My Audio Research Reference system, together with my Wilson speakers, already produce a great sound, but only now have I experienced that it can sound so much better. You’re Corelli sure knows what to do with a good recording! I did not expect this beforehand. I recommend every serious music fan to give the Corelli a chance. Thank you, Akiko, for providing me with this extra music pleasure!

John Jr. UK

About the Tuning Sticks

Hello Marc,

I received the Sticks today and have already noticed the enormous shift in location and silence of the instruments. “Side-noises” disappear, leaving only pure music. Before connecting your Sticks I would occasionally hear some undesirable resonance, which has now almost completely disappeared. It’s almost as if my living room has become acoustic. The bass lines are still there but placed far more accurately and the voices and guitar come to the foreground because there is true silence now. A great product, I’m extremely satisfied!

Wim, Landgraaf, the Netherlands

About Corelli and Tuning Sticks

Dear Marc,

I would like to share my Akiko Audio experiences with other customers. About five years ago I was one of the first Tuning Stick users. I had Universals connected to the back of my speakers and the Tuning Stick RCA connected to my pre-amp. After all those years I still enjoy them every day!

Now, as you know, I’ve moved on by purchasing the Corelli Power Conditioner. The device – I have the black edition – received a good spot between the other equipment and I knew since day one that this device was also a clear and positive upgrade to my sound, just like all the other Akiko Audio products. 

Everything still sounds the way I like it: natural, lively and dynamic. But what has changed is that I’m simply able to enjoy my music for longer now – without getting tired. To use an audio cliché: the dark black background leads to a more intense experience, the amplifier gains authority. Beautiful, the Corelli is a keeper!

Freddy, Berlin, Germany

About the Tuning Chips

Dear Marc and Sander,

Last night I placed all the Tuning Chips where I thought they would be most effective. I sat down to listen and played a lot of music. Being familiar with your product I had expected some improvement… but the results I heard truly blew my mind. What a beautiful sound! Not only did I enjoy my music, your Chips also allowed me to experience and enjoy new levels of improvement. I played many of my favourite records and heard improvements in all of them.

To counter any possible excitement bias, I decided to sleep on it a night and play the same records again the following morning. But it wasn’t a dream: the improvements were still clearly audible. I’m grateful for the wonderful products you make, congratulations!

Kind regards,

Mat, Maastricht, the Netherlands



Lars G. (Sweden), on the Triple AC Enhancer and Tuning Stick Universal

Hello Marc,

Thank you for the quick service, your packet arrived within four days! What a beautiful product. I think it was made to last for generations! I placed the Triple AC Enhance in my DIY power strip and placed both Universals close to the connecters on my Sonus Faber speakers. I then proceeded to listen to my favourite music… and just couldn’t get enough! Finally a beautiful ‘round’ sound, with ‘fuller’ sounding voices. Moreover, I have finally reached the point where violins do not sound sharp anymore; listening to the music gave me goosebumps and my wife had to miss me all day. After experiencing this I will now also critically examine my power cables. A good project for the dark winter evenings.

S. Ly (Vietnam), on the Power Conditioner Corelli

Dear Gentlemen,


I will quickly report to you my experiences with the Corelli in my set. I had already achieved good results with a power regenerator, but was not yet entirely satisfied: the sound was a little too artificial due to an electronic ‘glare’. My equipment is very good, as you know, and I am also more than satisfied with my speakers. After reading some reviews I decided to order the extra Harmonizer unit as well. During the first week I hooked up the Corelli in another part of the house, before connecting it to my system. The description on your website says it all; the improvements are clear. In my set mostly more space, micro detail and more beautiful voices. Great product! I will check to see if my regenerator still adds to the sound improvement in some way, but I believe the Corelli combined with the Harmonizer unit is already the best solution to create a natural and pleasant sound.


Tony Y. (Hong Kong), on the Phono Booster

Dear Sander,

I have been practising my audio hobby for many decades now. Yet I only started paying attention to the power supply and cables about 10 years ago. In the past I used to just buy good equipment and that would be that. By know I know better though: ‘tuning’ the system is important and this process also requires the right equipment – the effects of which are often not easy to measure or explain. Hence I immediately ordered a Phono Booster when it was introduced. I’m well aware of your outstanding service and already own a Triple AC, which is now an essential part of my distributor, so I knew the Booster would work as promised! I connected the earthing wire to the screw without a problem. That was all. The sound from the record player became cleaner and even more enjoyable; similar to how it is described on your website. Once again a great Akiko Audio product. I guess I will have to purchase the Corelli at some point…

Jacques (Nimes), on the Phono Booster

Hello Marc,

As you know, I am a fan – or rather, fanatic defender – of analogue rendering. I sold my CD player a long time ago and never got into streaming, because I believe the rich sound of a good LP recording simply cannot be matched. As such, I was of course very much intrigued by your new Phono Booster. Could I improve my set even more, beyond what your Corelli had already done for it? After receiving the firm black box, my question was quickly answered: yes! Once connected to the earthing on my record player, the Phono Booster made itself clear: more rest, more beautiful voices, more analogue sound… words cannot fathom the changes I experienced. It’s as if I replaced my phono pre-amp with a far superior model. I’m incredibly satisfied.

Tjeerd, on the Cable Tuning Chip


Good afternoon,

Most recently I received two little black devices about the size of a large post stamp. I immediately cleaned the connectors on my CD player and amplifier’s power supply and stuck them on. Sounds like which magic, doesn’t it? Yet after a day of listening to music something really happened: the sounds came through the speaker in an easier, call it a more musical, way. An almost worn out CD by Berlioz, Concert Orchestra with Colin Davis, actually produces a more authentic ‘concerthall’ sound than before! And that with only the help of two stamps! Incredibly pleasing and a fantastic new permanent addition to my set. Maybe I’ll even get an Equipment Tuning Chip… we’ll see!Warm regards,

Tjeerd, Zoetermeer

Edwin, on the Corelli and the Harmonizer DIY unit.

Dear Marc,

And dear reader. I know what you’re thinking. I too thought the DIY Harmonizer unit was too expensive. Yet I bought it. And yep, after two hours of listening with the unit in my set I too wanted to throw it out with the rubbish. Which is where my review would have ended had I not relied on my earlier experiences with Akiko Audio. I just knew that this couldn’t be all. Luckily I’d read a review by a journalist who had contacted Akiko: “The Corelli and Harmonizer need to become acquainted with one another.” As such, my patience was rewarded: eventually the Harmonizer starts to produce an unmistakeable improvement. Day by day my set sounded better: micro details became more audible, acoustic information increased and the dynamics especially improved. Added bonus: the TV also profits from this upgrade. The Harmonizer provides that ‘live’ feeling and as such is more than worth the money.

What does annoy me however, is that Akiko keeps coming up with something new…

Kind regards,




Peter from England, about the Triple AC Enhancer

I would like to report my experiences tuning my set, particularly using the products made by Akiko Audio. Although I was quite satisfied with the sound of my set after purchasing new speakers and an Accuphase amplifier, a kind of restlessness remained as the music only really affected me sporadically. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I have invested a lot of money in better cables and optimising the speakers in my room. I even tackled the power supply two years ago. Nonetheless I was not able to listen to music for more than two hours, after which it became tiring. A friend of mine advised me to apply the Triple AC Enhancer to the main power strip. Because I didn’t understand much of how it worked, my expectations were rather low. What a mistake! The description on your website is right, the results are easy to describe: more natural and relaxed sounds, making it possible to enjoy more of the music. I expanded by purchasing a set of Tuning Sticks Universal and definitely want to order a Power Conditioner Corelli in the near future. In my opinion Akiko Audio products enable you to make improvements to your set which cannot be achieved in any other way. I am now able to enjoy my hobby even more and haven’t suffered from listening fatigue at all anymore!

Antonio, about the Corelli

As you know I have been a loyal customer for many years now. I wouldn’t want to miss your products: the Triple in my socket, the Tuning Stick RCA in my pre-amp and two Universals behind my TAD speakers. After getting permission from my boss (!) I ordered a silver Power Conditioner Corelli. The dealer came by to install it; very friendly! We were able to listen together and, long story short, the improvements are clear. A very clean sound, with more detail and spaciousness. My expectations were exceeded. My precious set sounds even better now, and that for a relatively low price. Bravo!

P.s. The extra Harmonizer DIY Unit in my meter cupboard has achieved something I had never thought possible: the sound is even more beautiful and it seems as if the Corelli received a ‘boost’. My living room is now audio heaven!

Piet from the Netherlands, about Akiko Audio

I often come across your reviews and adds. At first, I thought you were a foreign company, but surprisingly enough you are established in my home country. My dealer gave me the opportunity to try the Triple AC. Over the years I have regularly added to and improved my system, but I must admit I had not thought about giving the power conditioning any attention. After experiencing the improvements of merely one Triple however, I decided to also tackle the power. A simple measurement showed the electricity enters my house relatively clean, but on arrival in my living room it cracks and rings heavily. That had to change, as I have been convinced of using a good power supply and cabling. So far, I have connected my Hegel amplifier to an Akiko Audio The Patriot power cable. What a difference… Soon the electricity will come directly from the meter cupboard. I’ve started an adventure, but not an uncertain one, as the first changes have already made beautiful improvements in the rendering. As such I enjoy my audio hobby even more and that is exactly what I want. To be continued…

Heinrich from Germany, about the Akiko Audio Tuning Chips

A quick report on your most wonderous product: Tuning Chips. Aluminium plates or stickers, which apparently ‘do’ something with the sound. I first asked some advice: “Cable Chip and Loudspeaker Chip are sure ones” I was told. So I ordered them, together with an extra Transformer Chip for the transformer in my Marantz SACD player. I received them the next day and immediately tested them. My wife, who had no idea I had purchased these “tweaks”, walked into the room and said the music sounded better. An encouraging start! I spent a couple of hours listening to familiar recordings and the improvement is clear. I know my set through and through, and simply experience more peace and relaxation. Very nice, this is very promising…

Jan from the Netherlands about the Corelli

My system is built up as a double mono with the best devices and speakers I can afford. Over the last ten years I have especially invested a lot…

I was already familiar with Akiko Audio. An E-Tuning Gold in the meter cupboard, a Triple AC in my power regenerator. Great additions that I wouldn’t want to miss. Feeling strengthened by these positive experiences I dared to order two Corelli Power Conditioners from my dealer. Great that I was able to listen to them without any further obligations; a very good service. Both main amplifiers receive their power from their own group. Placing the Corelli’s was therefore a no brainer: one left and one right. I was under the impression that my system already gave it its all, but apparently that was a mistake. Only after connecting both Corelli’s was I able to hear details and spaceciousness that I had never before experienced. The difference (read: improvement) is shocking. If you really want to experience high-end at its finest, Akiko Audio’s products are unmissable. I am very satisfied.


Alex from Russia About Fuse Box DIY Unit

Whilst surfing the internet I came across your website. I wanted to get something for my first order which would improve my entire music rendering. It became the Fuse Box DIY Unit. My handy man firmly connected the single wire in my meter cupboard. That was an easy job. Listening to music was my job. The difference was easy to hear: a fresher and more dynamic sound, as if my speakers and devices had gone through a detox. A positive experience. That such a small black box is able to do this: a real surprise! 



Dieter from Hamburg, on the Triple AC Enhancer and the Black Box Fuse Box unit

Dear Sander,

I work as a certified engineer at a technical engineering company. My hobby is audio, but improving, modifying, and building my devices is equally important to me. I design much myself and in all modesty I must say that my set, in part because of my designs, sounds great.

I am used to a scientific and technical approach and am sceptical about tuning. Nonetheless I have had to give in to your products, because in these modern times a new noise source has come into existence: high frequency radiation in our everyday surroundings. A phenomenon that is not easy to understand or measure; little has been scientifically researched about it. My dealer was kind enough to borrow me a Triple AC Enhancer. I cannot deny that the music clearly sounded more clean; my resistance against tuning quickly disappeared.

Adding the Fuse-Box unit has lowered the noise level in my system even further. This is, of course, only my subjective experience, but to me it was clearly audible.

I must admit that your original approach leads to very good results. 


Maurice from Brussels, on combining the Corelli with the DIY Harmonizer Black Box

Hello Marc and Sander,

As you know I followed your advice and purchased a power conditioner Corelli last year. You may publish my review so it can help others with their interest in your products.

This device works perfectly. Please read the description on the website; it fits almost exactly with my own experiences.

To my satisfaction I have recently been able to expand my noise reducing system with the new Harmonizer unit. Connecting the unit was simple, after which I could simply enjoy more power, more energy in the listening room, and more emotion.

In the past I have already done a lot of tuning, but never were the effects so large.

Thank you and till next time!



Vladimir C. from Moscow, on the Tuning Stick Universal

Dear gentlemen,

As promised I would like to share my experiences with the readers of your website. I saw a news item about your company on a Russian audio website. That made me curious. After sending in some questions through the contact form on your website I quickly received clear answers from you. And luckily you also ship to my country, so I placed my order. As a first introduction I chose the Universals, because the design appealed to me. Moreover, I read that a number of reviewers consider the Universals to be their favourite. Now both Sticks have been connected to the speaker cables I can confirm that their effect is clearly audible. I won’t tire you with endless descriptions, but I can heartily recommend this special product because my rendering became clearer, and instruments and mainly voices became more independent from the accompanying background music. I appreciate the improvements a lot and already look forward to my next adventure with Akiko Audio.



Ernst from Schiedam, on the Tuning Chips

Hello gentlemen from Akiko Audio,

Great that you now also offer the energetic Akiko Audio Chips. I am enjoying them very much; it’s especially challenging to experiment with the Chips, as long as necessary, until I find the right location to place them on. That’s why I first bought two Chips and afterwards a couple more.

Eventually I placed a 3D Equipment Chip on my Moon 700i amplifier and another one on the streamer as well. Oh by the way, the Wilbrand Silver fuse with the 5mm Chip was also a great success in both devices; thank you for the tip! Finally I placed a couple Cable Tuning Chips on the connectors of my power cables! How they work I do not know, but it has led to a calmer and more beautiful sounding set.



James, from Monaco, on the Corelli

I would like to let you know that the Corelli has been part of my set for three weeks now. My music set-up has been carefully put together over the past years and has eventually resulted in an ‘analogue’ system, with vintage Linn record player, connected to the Audio Research Reference tube amplifier, which directs my beloved Sonus Faber Amati speakers.

By now I know that the power supply is very important, so I have also spent the necessary attention to my cabling. I was very satisfied with your Triple AC and therefore decided to make a next step. The first day that I placed the Corelli in my set it already became clear that the noise level could be reduced even further; it is almost incomprehensible, but meant a huge upgrade, making details in many recordings audible which I could not hear before. This has enabled me to listen to records which I used to ignore because of their poor quality, but which are now, thanks to the Corelli, extremely captivating.

I am very satisfied.


Mike, from Canada, about the Power Conditioner Corelli


I was hoping you could direct me on leaving feedback for the Corelli. I live in Canada and purchased one of these from worldwide wholesales. I'm about 5 days in and I am absolutely in love with what I'm hearing. This is the best addition to my system, you guys have made a fantastic piece of equipment. The build quality is top notch, it is a beautiful looking and sounding piece, it's too bad it has to be tucked away in the bottom of my Rack.
Thank you from Canada!

Iain, from Scotland, about the Power Condiotioner Corelli

Dear Marc, What a Product! I have just ended my first listening session of over one hour on an Audiophile CD with tracks I know well.

The differences I have heard are the instruments and voices have superior separation. The bass from my speakers tighter. The highs are more detailed. The instruments e.g. Piano, Guitar Banjo on Jazz Track clearer and detailed.

Sound stage higher and expanded wider.

It is no wonder zero returns. You should both be proud of this Product and the more Home Demonstrations are done the Sales will grow. Well done and thanks for your patience and good customer service !

Kind Regards, Your Scottish Customer Iain

Thomas, from Berlin, about the Akiko Audio Tuning Chips

Hello Sander,

I’ve recently applied a number of Tuning Chips. Here’s my report.

I must admit that I didn’t have high expectations.

However, at the time I didn’t have that of your other products either. I know better now.

The Tuning Chip is a nice tweak. As long as you apply it carefully it improves the sound. I chose a number of models for my fuses and some Cable Chips for the four main power cables.

That’s when I was faced with a difficult decision: for years I’ve been using two Loudspeaker Chips from a different brand… Nonetheless I ordered two Akiko chips. Jackpot! Your chips are much more powerful; a calmer sound, more precisely defined music, more space between the instruments, simply better and more pleasant. I am very pleased with this upgrade.

Thomas, Berlin

David, from London, about the Tuning Stick RCA 

Dear Marc,

Thank you for the quick and smooth service. I tried the Tuning Stick RCA in three places; first in the power amp, then in the streamer and finally in my Audio Research preamp.

It was clear in my set: the preamp profits the most from noise reduction.

The music sounds even more natural and beautiful voices manage to move me even easier.

The result in my streamer was very good as well however. A shame that I didn’t order two immediately. Nothing to do about that now; please send a bill for another Tuning Stick RCA!

David, London

Frederic, from Paris, about the Power Conditioner Corelli

Dear Sander and Marc

I promised I would share my impressions of the Power Conditioner Corelli with you.

I’ve been enjoying my great hobby, audio, passionately for thirty years now. I must admit that I used to only focus on the quality of my equipment and speakers. I paid less attention to the cables and quality of the power supply. Thanks to the internet information about these subjects has become widely available and I’ve been able to profit from that for the past years. For the first time I was able to improve my sound by installing a separate power group, carefully selecting an interconnect, or by choosing the right cables.

This eventually provided me with a beautiful sound, which greatly pleased me.

It was then that I thought: “This is it; the result of all my effort and investments. It won’t get any better from here.”

How wrong could I have been…

Made curious by the 6Moons review on their website I decided to order the Corelli. An acceptable risk thanks to your 30 days money back guarantee and since I had ordered with you before I knew that I didn’t have to worry about your service or communication!

I gave the Corelli a place next to my preamp and connected it to the power strip of my set.  I’ll try not to exaggerate, but the improvement is shocking… All aspects that influence your audio experience get an extra ‘boost’ and especially the low becomes tighter, the middle range becomes calmer and more natural and the high becomes more vibrant. Don’t understand me wrong; it is still my sound, my set, my taste in rendering, but with an extra dose of quality that I previously thought was impossible.

It’s probably unnecessary to mention that the Corelli is now a permanent part of my set.

Noise reduction is so incredibly important nowadays. The Corelli does this with conviction!

Kind regards,

Frederic C. 

Mark, from Dublin, about the Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Akiko,

The Triple AC Enhancer arrived in good order.

Sturdily and attentively packed, which made unpacking it a joy!

My first impressions are very positive; a more natural, purer and deeper sound, positioned a bit closer to the front. The Triple does what you promise, making it the newest member of my music set, permanently!

Mark, Dublin

Wim, from the Netherlands, about the Akiko Audio Tuning Chips

Dear Marc,

I’d like to provide some feedback after all.

First off I want to say how pleased I am with the Triple AC Enhancer and the RCA Tuning Sticks. They truly make the sound a lot calmer and more realistic.

That’s why I was so eager to try the Equipment Tuning Chip.

I must admit that this is the first chip to work so much and so well. (I’ve tried other chips before, made by WA Quantum and Gabriel Tech.)

I first tried placing the Equipment Tuning Chip 3D on my tube preamp, then on my streamer. The results varied; they were different, but not better or worse.

To be honest I wanted to wrap the chip up again and send it back, but then I tried placing it on the TP-Link media converter, which converts fibreglass to ethernet. That’s when I hit the jackpot!

A sensational improvement in the sound image: more open, more defined and a great focus!!!

The chip’s staying! And because of the strong effect it was quickly clear where I will place it and where not.

I might try another one soon, such as the Power Tuning Chip 3D on my Gigawatt meter cupboard module. At the moment I still have a Gabriel chip there, but I’m curious how the Akiko chip will perform.

Kind regards,

Wim, Winterswijk

Harry, from England, about the Tuning Chips

Hello Akiko

Being the ‘open minded’ music lover that I am, I of course immediately ordered your new product: the Tuning Chips. To be honest, I think your description of the Chips is quite unclear, but that they work can be heard unmistakably. I attached both Cable Chips to the plugs of my amplifier and streamer’s power cables and I also provided 4 fuses with Chips. What became clear to me immediately: milder sound and more spatial dimensions. This suits my music taste very well, so I’m definitely satisfied!

Michael, from the Netherlands, about the Tuning Chips

Dear Marc and Sander

As a satisfied user of your Triple AC and Tuning Sticks RCA and XLR I was slightly surprised by your Chips; I know other brands that make these kind of products, but that you master this technology made me curious. I provided both my Wilson speakers with a Speaker Chip and my CD player with some Capacitor Chips and a 20mm Transformer Chip. Especially applying the Chips to my speakers made an immediate difference. The Wilsons, which have quite a substantial low, became a lot finer in the higher range. This balanced out the sound better. I didn’t expect these results from such mysterious products. Soon I’ll tackle my cables as well; I wonder what that’ll be like.

Tom, from England, about the Tuning Chips

Hello Marc

As you know I have been using the Power Conditioner Corelli in my audio set up over the past three months and I’ve been very satisfied doing so. Now I see that you also offer energetically treated chips. Normally I wouldn’t order such a product, but with the ‘Akiko’ label on them I’m willing to experience it myself. The two 3D Chips for my Unison Research amplifier and phono amplifier arrived within two days. They work as described on your website and especially the sound of my record player was rendered finer after attaching the Chip; more lively and with a tighter rendering of the low.

Geoffrey, from France, about the Tuning Chips

The power supply is very important. I experienced this myself when putting together my audio set. When I saw the new Chips on your website I chose the Fuse Box Chip for the meter cupboard and three Cable Tuning Chips for my power cables. They look beautiful and feel very firm; that provides the buyer with confidence! I’m not very patient, so I immediately attached the Chips to the meter cupboard  and three main power cables. The difference was instantly audible; a calmer, more natural sound and especially more ‘tangible’ in space. How it’s possible I do not know, but I wish every music fan could experience this incredible musical profit.

Pieter, The Netherlands, on the Power Conditioner Corelli

I’ll tell you what I think of the Corelli right off the bat: great!

Compared to the price of my equipment and Wilson speakers it definitely isn’t expensive. Especially when you hear what you get for it in return; the whole set performs on a higher level.

Are there any disadvantages then? Yes, going back to how it was before is very difficult. You get used to better sound quickly. I lent the Corelli to an audio friend for two days; the set hasn’t been on during that time at all.

That my power supply will now receive extra attention is a logical next step: the Corelli truly is an eye opener! 


Xing, from China, on the Power Conditioner Corelli

As promised a report of my experiences trying out the new Corelli power conditioner. Immediately after unpacking and connecting it to my power strip it became clear to me that a large change had happened in the music rendering. I didn’t think a lot could be improved about my carefully put-together set, but I was wrong.

My music gains in expressiveness, making me enjoy it even more. Because the high frequency noise has disappeared (as explained on the website) I simply hear more: more details in the background, more sound during live concerts, more ‘colour’ in voices and instruments. All of which provides a richer experience: beautiful!

Giovanni, from Italy, on the Power Conditioner Corelli

Because I’ve had a Triple AC Enhancer in my system for two years now, and because I’m very satisfied with it, I was of course interested in the new power conditioner Corelli. But wouldn’t it just be more of the same? Would it really be an upgrade? Eventually I ordered the Corelli, knowing that I could always hand it back in within 30 days.

Within several days the Corelli was delivered: sturdily packed.

But more importantly: what would it do in my set? Well I won’t keep you waiting any longer; within 5 minutes I knew for certain that the Corelli would stay with me. A very clear rendering of what it is all about: music!

Voices, instruments, tone colours. Everything was easily audible because the Corelli is capable of reducing the noise. My personal experience actually matches the description on the website very well.

And the Triple AC Enhancer? I moved that to my second system. Definitely a good product, but the Corelli just works that much more powerfully and beautifully.

My compliments for your design: now I’m able to enjoy my music even more.

Jonas, Germany, on the Corelli

Hello Akiko Audio team,

As promised a review of the new Corelli, which has been hooked up to my system for the past two weeks. Well, where to begin… I was slightly prepared for what was to come, but this exceeded all expectations! My set (mono amplifiers and Magico speakers) now sounds very ‘clean’. I can’t come up with another word for it: the sound balance and dynamics haven’t changed, but the noise floor has clearly lowered. And not just a little: it is clearly audible that more music remains. Very beautiful!

Bob H., The Netherlands, on the Corelli

Dear Sander & Marc,

My compliments: you are one of the few brands whose product description on the website can be trusted.

For the past two weeks I’ve been using one of the very first Corelli Power conditioners. The effect of your products was already known to me, but the Corelli still struck me with awe: the entire sound is lifted, incredible!

I enjoyed relistening to my collections of LPs and CDs; even previously regarded ‘average’ records now render many details, making them easily acceptable, whilst top-records shine as never before.

In my opinion a great purchase, with a great price-quality ratio as all my equipment and speakers sound better.

Tim A., England, on the Corelli

Dear Marc,

Great that you let me test the Corelli. You told me it was a prototype, but that wasn’t noticeable. From the very first moment I was ‘sold’! What a great invention, with nothing but benefits. Now I don’t want to miss the Corelli, because you don’t really hear the music until you have reduced the noise in your set; only then do you realise how beautiful a record can sound.

Your attention to power and tuning has resulted in quite the upgrade for me in the past few years, but even more important is the increased pleasure I get from listening; after all, isn’t that what you do it for?

Marco, Italy, on the Corelli

Hello Sander and Marc,

As you know the Triple AC Enhancer suffices excellent in my system, so I hesitated whether to also buy the new Corelli. As a real audio fan though, I naturally want my expensive equipment and speakers to sound most optimal, leading me to order it after all. Two days later a sturdy package arrived, with in it that beautiful Corelli. I decided not to listen by myself, but instead got two audio friends to come round and judge this new Akiko Audio product with me. It turned into a fun night, but more importantly: the Corelli just does what it promises. You indeed look (listen) deeper into the recordings, increasing the emotional involvement. Disconnecting the Corelli was a disappointment; the difference was dramatic, so I quickly reconnected it! Amazing how fast you get used to good sound…


Pedro B., Mexico, on the Corelli

Hi Sander,

Although the new Corelli is actually still breaking-in, it is already very audible what this device is capable of: high frequency noise is done away with, without affecting the dynamics. I don’t want to go into all the differences, but believe me that they are huge! I can recommend the Corelli to everyone who has already tried everything to perfect their sound: you’ll be amazed about the improvements that are nonetheless still possible.

A bullseye; congratulations gentlemen, keep up the good work. I’m very pleased with your special approach.

Marshall, Melbourne UK, on the USB TUNING.

Hi Marc,

Just a quick update on the USB TUNING. The stick joins a 1 x RCA mk1, 1 xRCA mk2, a pair of Universals and a Mains Tuning Stick AC in my 300B SET amp based system. Cumulatively the tuning sticks have helped transform my system, which to me was already sounding pretty good, to a level disproportionate to the cost. Contrary to some reviews the use of multiple sticks has not had an adverse effect on system dynamics, there has in fact has been an improvement due to the increased blackness of the soundstage background.

Of all the tuning sticks the USB version has produced the most dramatic results and I hadn’t realised my laptop was producing so much noise! It is a true audiophile bargain and should be employed wherever computer based audio is the chosen source.

I have tried many accessories in the past most of which were discarded. Tuning sticks might defy my understanding but they work very well and will remain in my system.

Oh yes, I will be keeping this one and needless to say it will be demonstrated to my audiophile friends.

Best regards,



Ivan, Italy, on the Tuning Stick RCA

Dear Marc,

I’ve invested a lot of curiosity, passion, time and money in serious audio accessories and after many years of “deep listening” I still enjoy many of them, but NOTHING ever impressed me as much as Akiko RCA Tuning Stick. It’s not the audio tweak, but the most significant audio improvement of my “sound system” I have ever had a pleasure to enjoy.

All the best,



A.S., UK, on the Tuning Stick Universal and Triple AC Enhancer

You can place my reaction on your website: finally I’ve gotten rid of that awful digital lining and lisping ‘s’ sound, for a decent price! Combining the Universal with the Triple AC turned out to be the solution. My frustrations had almost driven me to sell my entire set, thank you!



Arie, Belgium, on the Triple AC Enhancer

Dear gentlemen,

An audio friend of mine pointed out your exceptional range of products to me. First I read a number of your reviews, which made clear to me that you’re pretty well known in this scene! After listening to a demo with and without the Triple AC I was convinced: your products work. Even more so, they work in a way which I appreciate a lot: a cleaner sound and more spatial information. Now that I’ve used the Triple for a while I’m even more convinced by your ‘noise reduction techniques’, the Triple is definitely a keeper. Soon I’ll tackle the power supply, you’ll be hearing from me again! 

Kind regards,
Arie N.

Jim, Hong Kong, on the USB Tuning and Triple AC Enhancer

Hi Akiko,

The USB TUNING and Triple AC Enhancer combination that you recommended to me has been in my set for about three weeks now. I placed the Triple in the power strip and the Akiko Audio USB in my NAS.

It’s my first time spending money on ‘tuning’ my set. Before this I always kept myself to the equipment and speakers, spending a lot of money on them, as I’m not easily satisfied. For the first time however I’ve noticed what it means for music to be rendered more naturally and with less noise. I’m actually enjoying my music and not just listening to the equipment.

I will definitely follow you on the path you’ve taken!

Regards, Jim


Marcel, Assen (the Netherlands) about MeiCord cables

Dear Marc,

I received your cables without a problem, thank you for sending them so fast! My experiences… where should I begin. I’m used to quite a bit when it comes to cables and their (supposable) improvements, but this exceeds everything!

It may have been the set, a Linn Exakt 530, which is being managed by a NAS. I first listened through a standard CAT6 cable. After about two hours I switched to the MeiCords… All that was already great was now off the charts. The openness, details, placing, realism, etc., etc.

In short, a great investment in something many see as ‘just a data cable’. I’m convinced!

Kind regards,



Stuart, UK, on the Akiko Audio USB TUNING

Hi Marc

I use a Mac Mini with a Clones Audio outboard PSU with a heavily modified Eastern Electric Minimax Dac Plus as my only source .  Vinyl gone  . . . CD , gone ! Just a couple of hard drives and Audirvana Plus running it all   . . . Oh and I have quite a few Tuning Sticks sprinkled liberally about my system of course . As usual with your products  . . . they have worked their magic .  The USB Tuning ( that I wasn’t sure about ) , is amazing ! Removed and replaced it several times and was astonished by what it did.   It yields pretty impressive results ! 

I had tried another device recently ( AQ Jitterbug ) , but it did very little .

Your USB device did a lot. It’s a great product !

All the best,



A.J., The Netherlands on the Triple AC Enhancer

Dear Mr van Berlo,

Last week we enjoyed an incredible visit to the headquarters of Akiko Audio, where we were impressed by the analogue, relaxing and very dynamic sounds that you’ve created!

The Triple AC Enhancer especially impressed me, it’s definitely better than the standard Tuning Stick. The sound has become more pleasant, calmer and more spacious with the introduction of the Triple. More detail can be heard, especially in guitar music; I can now hear the different strings separately from one another. Orchestras also sound majestic and are even pleasant at higher volumes. The sharpness has gone, voices sound better and there are no longer any ‘s’ sounds. Most importantly I now enjoy my set even more than before and some pieces I used to ignore, are now happily listened to!

Kind regards,



John C., Germany on the Tuning Stick Universal and Tripe AC Enhancer

Dear Akiko Audio team,

An audio friend of mine brought your website to my attention. He’s very satisfied with your Tuning Stick Universal and advised me to try one on my set. I’ve carefully put together my set, but with music streams and CDs I miss an ‘analogue’ feeling. I also sometimes experience an explicit high, as if a certain calmness is missing in the rendering. Introducing a set of Universals has made the sound a lot more enjoyable: less ‘s’ sounds, a pleasant rendering of high tones and a nicer feeling in general; more emotional involvement. I wasn’t expecting these results and am pleasantly surprised! In the meanwhile I’ve also bought a Triple AC Enhancer. To me it’s all perfectly finished: the Triple makes the soundstage more calmer and at the same time increases the energy in my listening room. Beautiful! I’d love to share my experiences with other music fans and would like to thank you for the great upgrade of my music set.

Kind regards, John C.


H.S., Russia on the Triple AC Enhancer and Tuning Stick RCA

Dear Marc,

By chance I came across your products and I was astonished when I discovered that you make these in the Netherlands. I have already equipped my listening room with all sorts of tuning products from different brands, most of which I buy and test for a while. I’ll then decide whether they can stay or should find a new owner. By now I have had the Triple AC Enhancer (in the power conditioner) and two Tuning Sticks RCA (in the DAC and preamplifier) in my set for a year and I can’t do without them anymore! The description on your website is exactly what can be expected: more calm, less sharpness and a beautiful rendering of the voices. So are there any cons? Yes… the products are addictive! I’ve heard you’re working on an Akiko Audio power conditioner, I’ll definitely be buying that!

Regards, H.S.


R.D. David, Dubai - Middle East on the Akiko Audio Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Marc,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Akiko Triple AC Enhancer in mint condition. The unit was superbly packed. I was expecting to receive a small battery size unit. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a much bigger wholesome well built unit. The finish and quality is top notch with no compromises whatsoever to the finer details.

I put the Akiko Triple A.C. unit on my Shunyata Hyrdra Vray 2 for some days to warm up and break in. After a week or so I decided to do come critical listening. Right off - the change in soundstage was obvious. The highs were more extended and lush. Mids were focused and just popped out in 3D. The bass lost its wooliness. It was nice an rounded without being too extended and lumpy. The AKIKO TRIPLE AC Enhancer really brings the entire sound spectrum into focus from top to bottom. Everything is so cohesive and real.

I believe if one's system has a certain potential to shine the AKIKO will bring out the best in it. This is truly one genuine product that does exactly what it claims and more.

A definite must have in one's audio rig !
Thank you very much for this great and well priced product.

Kind Regards,

R.D. David


Jonathan, Australia on the Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC


Just wanted to let you know that I have been "listening" to the AC stick tonight that I received earlier today. I am very impressed. It really does work - I am hearing improved detail, air, imaging as well as improved timing. I do notice a very slight loss in the micro dynamics department at the present time however I think that is a small price to pay for the other improvements. One of the most obvious improvements is how percussion work within the mixed sound of a large orchestra - they simply sound more like they do at a live concert - especially cymbals during large orchestral peaks.

I was so surprised I even thought I was suffering a placebo effect, so I actually digitally recorded the analogue outputs from my preamplifier - both with and without the stick - then did a double blind ABX test on the tracks. I got 10 out of 10, so I am not imagining it.

I would say the improvement is about the same as going from a cheap modern tube in a preamp to a decent NOS one. So that being the case, it's a bit cheaper than buying the tubes!



Reginald W. from Rotterdam, on the Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar FI-50

Now my cable is burned- in I can say a bit more about it.

For far too long I have used my mediocre AQ power cable; I wasn’t able to get any proper sound from my new Accuphase E600, whilst everybody was so enthusiastic about this amplifier. I was close to selling it! A friend gave me the advice to buy your great cable. I found it pretty expensive, but with such a good amplifier that seemed reasonable to me, so I immediately wanted to try the best cable.

Immediately I could hear the result, as if more energy was coming from the set. The dynamics were much more livelier, truly enjoyable! Now I finally hear the real quality of my amplifier. Well done Akiko! Please continue like this, I’ll be coming back soon to upgrade my cd player!

Kind regards, Regi


Pierre S. from Sittard, on the installation of clean power and the Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Marc and Sander,

It has been two months ago since you were over here to install everything and now it is all ‘worked in’ I’m able to say a bit more about it, which I should have done much earlier!

The improvement is very well audible, even my wife and audio friends can hear the difference; clean power is definitely recommendable.

What actually surprised me even more though: the effect of the Triple AC Enhancer in my set. I thought my set was producing the best quality it could and then you came along with such a tweak to improve it even further. I wouldn’t want to miss the Triple for the world: more music, more experience; an amazing invention!

I’m considering upgrading my other cables, you’ll hear from me again soon…

Kind regards, Pierre


Henk B. from Amstelveen, on the Akiko Audio Powercord HQ

Hello Sander,

The package arrived and I have already connected all three cables to my set.

Although I live in an apartment, which prevents me from creating a separate power group, the improvements are very audible compared to the standard ‘liquorice laces’ I used before.

Especially the low is improved: more defined and tighter, very nice!

The sound also comes loose from both Dynaudio speakers with greater ease.

The HQ cables outdo the standard power cables in every way.

Thank you and till the next time!



Oscar W. from Brabant, on the installation cable Akiko Audio Premium XLPE

Dear gentlemen,

As promised, a report on the installation of your installation cable.

First I delved into the different kind of cables that are available. The ones with PVC  didn’t stand a chance, which left two others, including your cable as an outlier because of its material, diameter and cost.

I’m a real diy person: working with power is something I have been doing for years, so installing such a cable in the meter cupboard was only an afternoon’s work. Though it was also because of the good tips you gave me, as installing a power cable for audio devices is definitely not the same as installing one for a washing machine !

The cable is not very thick and flexible. More important however, is the sound improvement: that is very well audible.

I can recommend this cable to everybody.


Ed, about Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar FI-50

Marc, Sander,

A promise is a promise. I said I would report on the Aerostar F1-50 power cable and the Custom Tuning Stick provided by you, and so I will.

It has been three months since I connected the Aerostar to my amplifier, so the burn in period is well behind us. Now I can let you know that it has lived up to its expectations.

Daily I have been enjoying the enhanced authority with which the music signal is rendered and the space depth information is without a doubt of high quality too. The rendering of lows has gained exceptional power and detail and the equipment is as silent as it could be in the quiet passages, because of the lack of noise. In short, this is a success story.

Many thanks are at order.

Kind regards,

Ed, Haarlem


Felix from The Netherlands about Aerostar and Aktyna

Akiko, a relief in Audio-land, offering excellent service and quality

In the fall of 2013 my attention was drawn to a very positive review of Akiko’s Tuning Sticks in (Sept’13). Although I had already a well-balanced audio set at that time I am always in to try something new to further improve my system. I contacted Akiko Audio and Marc van Berlo kindly provided me advice on what would be a basic set of Tuning Sticks to start with. After receipt of the Sticks and following the clear instructions of Marc it was not difficult to notice the positive enhancements on the sound of my system.

This first pleasant experience with Akiko’s products prompted me to further explore my interest in Akiko’s cables. Marc van Berlo was so kind to send me their Aerostar Powercord to try out in my set. I thought that my existing Furutech Evolution Power II cables were difficult to beat but the Aerostar of Akiko did it fairly easily. I ended up in replacing the power cord of my integrated amplifier and my Network Player by Akiko’s Aerostar.

Shortly after this step Marc pointed me at the Aktyna SCM Cortex XLR Interlink which would outperform the much more expensive Nordost Valhalla Interlink. I again got the opportunity to test the Aktyna Interlink in my home system. The improvement of the already excellent sound of my Network Player was formidable. Specially the combination of the Aerostar Powercord and the Aktyna Interlink forms an invincible combination that can be best characterized as `1 + 1 = 3`.

Akiko recently introduced their new developed Triple AC Enhancer, which was again well received in an audioreview of in November 2014. You can imagine that I am anxious to test this new product in my system. I am convinced that I will not be disappointed.

Of the many tweaks, which I have already tested in my system, Akiko’s products have an impressive positive impact. The expertise of Marc & Sander van Berlo and quality & craftsmanship of their products make it a pleasure to recommend them without any hesitation.


Hilversum, The Netherlands


Simon R. from Bern about the Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Akiko team,

Thanks for the quick delivery. Of course I immediately connected the Triple AC Enhancer to the power strip of my equipment. I’m simply enjoying it now. Everything sounds more natural and especially voices have improved; Diana Krall now sings live from my living room!

Carsten from Köln about the Triple AC Enhancer

Dear Marc,

As a loyal Akiko Audio customer I of course immediately ordered your new Triple AC Enhancer. I don’t understand how you do it, but once again my rendering has improved. My speakers with diamond tweeters used to sometimes render the highs too hard, but now everything is more balanced. As a classical music enthusiast it’s important for me that the instruments sound natural. The Triple has definitely contributed to that. Keep up the good work!

Johan from Brussels about the Tuning Stick RCA and Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Sander,

It took me years to compose my beautiful set. Yes, it’s an expensive hobby…

I’ve now noticed that your Tuning Stick RCA and the new Triple AC Enhancer raise the sound to a new level; something I couldn’t imagine beforehand. I’ll definitely recommend you to friends.

John from Liverpool about the Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Marc and Sander,

I didn’t respond until now, because I wanted to be sure that the ‘Triple’ actually does what is promised. I just couldn’t believe it; I simple notice how the rendering has become cleaner. I cannot explain how the rendering sounds so different, especially better, except that disruptions must have just disappeared from the system. I had plans to replace my amplifier, but it now sounds so good again that I´ve decided to postpone those plans! My sincere compliments.

David from Zoetermeer about the Tuning Stick RCA and Triple AC Enhancer

Hello Marc,

I plugged the Tuning Stick RCA into my Accuphase CD player and the Triple AC Enhancer into the wall socket. I then started listening to the well-known songs in my collection.

I won’t bore you with long descriptions, it simply sounds better, more analogue, just the way I like it. I haven’t tested them separately, it’s fine like this. I leave them be and simply enjoy my music, isn’t  that the most important part of this hobby?


Jos about the Aktyna XLR Reference interlink

Over the past years I have spared no effort in updating my equipment to make it sound as good as possible. Now I know, through numerous findings,  that for example good cables (power cables and interlinks) are especially important to achieve a natural and spacious rendering. In addition I have been able to observe, more than once, that connections with cables of inferior quality can be the cause of terrible sound, even with good equipment! This is why I’ve fitted my exceptionally critical equipment with the best powercords by Nordost and Akiko Audio.

When I was invited to Akiko Audio’s demonstration of the Aktyna Interlink I was somewhat sceptical. On the other hand, as with every demonstration, there was nothing to lose, only to gain!

I can be short about the results of the demonstration: Marc used the Nordost Valhalla RCA (€ 3500,-) as a reference, I thought the almost € 2000,- cheaper Aktyna XLR Interlink would never be able to go up against this top notch Nordost product. How wrong I was. The Aktyna achieves the live musical experience even better and raises aspects such as naturalness, transparency, spaciousness, calmness and spread to another level.

Finally: I can assure the reader that I’ve replaced the Taralabs Decade as well as the NBC Statement Interlinks in my home equipment with two Aktyna Interlinks. I’m extremely pleased with Akiko Audio, a company which produces only high quality, paired with excellent service.

Jos from the Netherlands.


Hubert, about the Furutech D-Box, Akiko Audio E-Tuning Gold mkII and Tuning Stick AC.

Dear Marc,

Here is my first impression: I removed my HMS socket, fitted the Akiko IEC onto the power cable and installed the Furutech D-Box on the floor. Then I plugged the AC Tuning Stick into the Furutech. That was amazing. The soundstage was much bigger and the music more pleasant. I’d never thought it would work this way.

I have a power conditioner, which also cleanses the grounding. I work with room tuning equipment from Artkustik, Creaktiv Systems, Audio Revive, Highend Novum, etc. and had never expected any more improvements to be possible. How wrong I was!

The final step was to fit the Gold MKII on to the power conditioner power cable. Although fixing the strips is a bit complicated, because the Gold MKII is very heavy, it worked twice as well as the Tuning Stick AC. An enormous soundstage and the music seems to be a little bit louder.

Congratulations on your product!


Best regards,

Hubert from Vienna, Austria.



Walter, about the Tuning Stick RCA and AC.


Hello Sander,

I can only say one thing: WOW! Much calmer and more nuance, the images and the sound are also much smoother. I do still have to get used to the effect on CDs, I think the weak points of the set are more striking now, but they will stay in permanently, if only for the HT. The increase in peace, depth and detail of the images is phenomenal and the swivelling from shaky cameras is also less. As far as I’m concerned this an absolute must-have (especially for this price), or at least a must-test.

Kind regards,

Walter, Almere. 




Stuart about the Tuning Stick RCA

Hi Marc

I received the Tuning Stick RCA this morning and have to say that I'm totally floored by it ! I tried it first in the back of my amplifier and was quite shocked at the difference , everything seemed to quieten down and relax somehow , but was also far more controlled ?  After some more experimentation , I tried using it in a spare socket of my DAC  . . . . and man I can't believe what it did ??  Having read a couple of reviews , I thought somehow that it would be more effective in my amplifier , but the difference it has made when connected to the DAC is remarkable !  . . . so much so that I had to remove it a few times just to check that I wasn't going crazy . I'm honestly amazed what this small device has done to my system  . . . thanks again.

Best regards

Stuart F. ( London UK )


Sven, on the Tuning Sticks


“After reading some reviews and information on the internet I phoned Akiko Audio. A pleasant conversation (full of good advice), so I decided to put down an order, without expectancies, but full of hope.

After receiving the Universal Tuningsticks I connected them to the speaker cable and was immediately sold, improvements were directly audible! I continued by connecting an RCA stick and AC model and with every new stick I could hear the sound improve.

Surprised by the capabilities of these tubes some friends and I noted more calm and space, an overall improvement in the reach, a deeper and tighter low (without resonance), a clearer (though less sharp) high and better placed and more audible voices. An investment I’d gladly recommend to anybody. The best value for money out of all the upgrades I’ve ever done!”


Ruben, on the MeiCord data cable

Dear Marc,

The MeiCord arrived in good condition. Very nice to receive a test report with something as relatively simple as a LAN cable, it shows the care and attention that has been devoted to this product. Other little things, like an Akiko Audio pen and a sales card, seal the deal for me. It makes unpacking fun! Moments ago I connected the cable from the streamer to the control pc and was stunned. I had never dared to hope the MeiCord could bring about such a positive change, I wonder what could be improved even more by running in the cable. I'm very impressed. There are a number of positive things I've noticed:

The sound image seems to have become calmer. Furthermore it seems the stereo image has become deeper and it is even easier to distinguish the instruments from one another. Nowadays when I stream music, through Spotify for example, the quality I experience is just as good as FLAC files and 24 bit files also seem even more dynamic.

You have interested me in your other products, I'll definitely try them out!

Kind regards,

Ruben, Ittervoort, The Netherlands

Martin, about the Tuning Stick Universal

Hi Marc,

I moved the Universal from interconnects, to power leads and finally USB.
USB is where it had the largest effect (which surprised me), it really allows the music to breathe there! As I only had one, I didn't tease myself trying it on a single speaker cable, I'll do that when the other one turns up! I'll probably buy one more to go back on the usb when I can afford it.
I'm excited to try the mains one out too. I'm glad you're getting some recognition for these, they're very good!

London UK


John about the Tuning Stick's

Hello Akiko Audio team,

Thank you for your email and for your suggestions. I appreciate the excellent customer service.

It turns out using two universal tunning sticks on the Shunyata power cord worked best of the five positions I tried in my system. Together with the AC Tuning Stick which is plugged into the dedicated 20 amp wall outllet/circuit for my listening room, the effects were: more presence, bigger soundstage, more clarity throughout the frequency range and a bit more bass extension. I was delighted that instruments seemed to have more bloom. Instruments and especially voices sounded more palpable and their tonal quality (timbre) seemed more accurate. All of these effects were enough to make an audible difference that was impactful and, at times, so sonically vivid it could not be missed.

The Universal Tuning and AC Tuning Sticks have proven to be quite effective. My wife, who is also an audiophile and experienced in listening to and evaluating system changes brought about by major components, tweaks and acoustical treatments, agrees with me that the Akiko tuning sticks have removed enough of the remaining haze in our system to further enhance what was already a realistic, palpable and musical sound !

Best Regards,
John, West End, NC

John about the Tuning Sticks

Dear Marc,

In your October 30 email you said: " An extra RCA on the right place (mostly pre-amp) can improve the sound clearly audible.
The positive effect increases as you apply more Akiko products in your set..... It is my own experience !"

I received my RCA Tuning stick on Saturday and have listened for hours to the difference it is making. It is just as you said, "clearly audible". The soundstage is more holographic with instruments placed distinctively in their own space. This is a huge improvement. Notes that seemed faint or not to be there at all are now more audible. Tonality is now the best I've heard in my system. All of the Akiko Tuning sticks, AC, Universal and RCA, together are one of the best investments I've made in my system and have made a significant difference in every musically meaningful way.

Best Regards,
John, West End, NC.


Richard about Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC


Thank you so much for the Akiko Tuning Stick AC.
I have been using it for a week or so and the results are amazing -
congratulations on an excellent product!

I have to say it provides the most improvement against cost of any device I
have encountered before. I agree with Marja & Henk of 6 Moons in terms of
the wider soundstage, greater separation and definition - the improvement is significant.
I've also had an opportunity recently to test the tuning stick against a
well known American power conditioner at 10x the cost.
Personally I'd choose a more discreet option like the Tuning
Stick and invest the difference in the system.

I'll definitely be using a Tuning Stick from now on and will recommend the
product to all of my customers.
Thanks again for an excellent product - made in Holland!

"In orange we trust"

Best regards

8th Dimension Audio, Norfolk UK


Vincenzo P. from London about the Tuning Stick.


Your product is superb! Sound is now firmer, warmer and has deeper soundstage. The Sophia's really sing now!
Keep me posted on your innovations / products that you think I should try in my system.


Lee Chang about the Tuning Stick's Universal

I have ordered the Akiko Audio Tuning Stick's Universal, i got immediately a comprehensive personal response.
My audio system sounds better than ever!

Keep up the good work guys!


Jos about various products

Dear Akiko Audio team,

I have been your customer for a few years and can now happily call myself a fan. It all started with my review of the GEM1 and the following three purchases I made. I speak of a review, since if you know me, you'll know I only purchase something if I am completely convinced about its functioning.
After I had fully convinced myself about the enhanced rendering I modified my setup with the following tweaks, all from Akiko:

• Akiko Audio E-Tuning gold;
• The Kemp QA Plug;
• The truly unmatched Akiko Audio Aerostar Powercord (unless you'd like to pay double the price);
• The new Tuning Sticks, AC and RCA.

Besides that I'm especially happy about all tweaks. Not without pride can I now also call myself the happy owner of Akiko Audio's flagship, the Powerbase Quatro, developed by Akiko together with HIFI Maastricht. I have been able to test this power strip freely at home for weeks and have compared it again and again against considerably more expensive products. Now I'm able to say without exaggeration that this product is of such high quality it is very special in its range.

Besides the above listing the Akiko team has also delivered other services, which I would also like to mention:

• Recent thorough update of the power supply from the electricity meter cupboard to my equipment: the existing grey grounding cable has been replaced by a  
   Kemp Power Cable 5 Plus.
• For the benefit of a squeezebox they have placed the famous Meicord utp data cable.

I hope the reader understands from reading this that I am extraordinarily pleased with all the products and services of this company. Without the specialist help and many talks with these people my setup would never have reached such a high level. In short: "whoever comes into contact with Akiko Audio gets more fun out of his hobby and will be amazed about how much more he can get out of his setup!"



Ron te Veldhoven on the Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar

Dear audio friends,

This afternoon Marc came to visit.
Of course he'd brought something to show again. It was the brand new Akiko Audio Aerostar Powercord, connected to my Atoll cd player.
I certainly heard a positive change in spaciousness, warmth, volume and quality compared to my Supra cable. I did however make a remark which surprised Marc. I said that, based on the stories, I had expected more of it. Marc then suggested to change the recently bought Kemp Reference power cable from Akiko Audio (connected to my Perreaux amplifier) for the Aerostar and to connect the Kemp Reference to the cd player.

Well I can tell you that, after shaking my head, the experience was as shocking as an earthquake. Seeing as the beautifully designed Perreaux amplifier together with the Aerostar now form the central unit, through which all sources will bring forth the music (thus everything profits from the upgrade), I've heard a sound that gives you goosebumps...

Unbelievably good and a blatant upgrade for the entire set!

Rests me to say it gives me even more joy to know I am the very first to have bought the Aerostar! You simply have to too!
I must admit adding it is an incredible upgrade, as if you've added a brand new higher class amplifier.

Kind regards,