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Akiko Audio is a Dutch company, which was born from passion and love for high level music rendering. Since starting Akiko Audio in 2011 we have focused on the serious music enthusiast, who invests a lot of time and effort in their hobby.
More and more audiophiles are discovering our excellent tuning products. Over the past few years we have built up an extensive dealer/distributor network in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Canada, to help service the end user.

At Akiko Audio we are experts in the field of tuning and we believe the basis for every audio set is the right equipment. We respect the choices of our customers and stores that have put together their beautiful audio systems through much dedication, patience and expense. We also believe that Akiko Audio accessories and cables will bring your music experiences to a much higher level. In our opinion, Akiko Audio products would be what an audiophile calls "the game changer".

Your equipment is continually exposed to high frequency radiation. This pollutes the music signal you listen to, without you even noticing it, because the high frequency noise mixes with the music.
Even a few of our Akiko Audio products will change your listening experience forever. Only then will you experience how good music can sound: enjoying your music in a relaxed way becomes self-evident and your expensive equipment will perform at a higher level because of the lower noise floor. The Akiko Audio adventure can start with as little as a couple of Tuning Sticks or a Triple AC Enhancer in the power distributor.
You will be amazed by the result!

At Akiko Audio we work in a small team of select people, each with their own specialty. We also make use of external advisors as we find this collaboration helps us to improve our products and leads Akiko Audio to continuous technical innovation.
At Akiko Audio we have distinguished ourselves from other brands all over the world due to our use of high quality materials and pioneering techniques.  
All Akiko Audio products are manufactured in the Netherlands, in our modern, well equipped, work place. Our excellent distribution logistics makes it possible to deliver your orders very quickly.
Akiko Audio values personal contact with our customers, as well as with the dealer and distributor network we have created throughout the world. Always feel free to contact us directly and we will treat your questions and comments with the utmost priority. We appreciate your interest in Akiko Audio and we look forward to helping you in any possible way.

Let the music flow...

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