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Fisch Audiotechnik AFL Reference Line

€ 1.289,00 each


Fisch Audiotechnik AFL Reference Line

The best power strip made by Fisch Audiotechnik from Germany, makes it impressively clear what an uncompromising design is capable of. The strip is made of high quality and heavy aluminium, with a unique double floor construction to eliminate unwanted vibrations. The applied filtering is a home-made design by the Fisch company. This mild filtering targets disruptions without hindering the current flowering through your device.

The internal filter is completely invisible to the mains frequency and has no negative influence on the dynamic and natural sound of the rendering. At the same time, however, the high frequency noise is properly reduced.


The AFL Fisch Reference power strip is excellently suited to power all your precious audio and video equipment, even heavy-duty main amplifiers.

You’ll be able to hear the sound improvement clearly. Even when you already possess the best equipment, the Reference power strip will pleasantly surprise you. It has a delicate finish and comes with spikes and cups for optimal placement within your system.

Max. current: 10A - IEC320/C14)
Max. power: 2300W (total of all outlets)
Peak pulse protection (8/20µS):  <0,8kV
Peak pulse current (Isn8/20µS): 4,5kA
Response time:  =25nS

Surface: Natural anodised
Weight: 5.5 kg
Outlets: 6
Dimensions:  554 x 104 x 62 (l x w x h in mm)

The AFL reference line are available to four different national standards:

1) EU power plug (Schuko CEE 7/4) 2) SEV - Switzerland 3) France/Belgium 4) NEMA - USA, Canada, Asia