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Akiko Audio Silver Spirit DIN 5

€ 850,00 each



Akiko Audio Silver Spirit N.O.S. DIN 5

The perfect interconnect leads to a 100% signal transmission between your equipment, without affecting the sound balance.
After a three years of developing we’ve managed to create a top quality interlink with exactly those properties.
Using our interconnect you will experience a beautiful open sound, with striking spaciousness and resounding tones, that emotionally involve you in your music.

The cable is manufactured entirely by hand in our workplace in Maastricht.
This has the huge advantage of being able to choose the best materials, without having to comply to mechanical restrictions.
In other words: we can pay full attention to the quality of the sound!
Another added advantage is that we can offer the interconnect in any desired length or colour.


Silver Spirit N.O.S. DIN 5

This cable is built entirely symmetrical, by which we mean that we use the same material for every conductor and don’t place the passive copper shielding in the signal path.
The use of PTFE and optimal air insulation almost entirely prevents the conductors from coming into contact with the insulation material, which causes the music rendering to keep its entire dynamic and sound balance without the interlink adding or deducting from it.

We’ve chosen silver conductors, after extensive testing showed that silver gives the most neutral rendering.
All signal paths have been implemented more than once.

The Akiko Audio Silver Spirit Interconnect comes with an international 14 days money back guarantee.


- Insulation: High purity P.T.F.E.
- Conductors: Each 0.39 mm (26,3 AWG).
- Material: Solid core 99,999 % new old stock Pure Silver.
- Capacitance: 16.0pF/ft.
- Inductance: 0.073μH/ft.
- Shield: Total coverage with copper shielding.
- Mechanical stretch stress conductor treatment (M.S.S.C.T.™).
- We only use lead-free silver solder.
- All the conductors are polished by hand.
Termination: Silver DIN 5 plugs.