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Cylindric Fuse Cartridge

€ 99,00 each



Cylindric Fuse Cartridge

The first step towards an optimal power supply.

Cylindric Fuse Cartridge has the great advantage of directly supplying power from your meter cupboard to your devices, without having it go through any inferior electromagnetic fuses. This positively influences alldevices in the rendering chain.

Avoiding automatic electromagnetic fuses greatly improves the rendering quality of your music equipment. The dynamics increase, leading you to experience a more spacious and relaxed sound, and small details become more audible thanks to a lower noise floor. 

Your precious devices are kept safe thanks to our ceramic fuse with silver plated contacts, automatically disconnecting the power supply in the event of a short circuit. The Cylindric Fuse Cartridge comes with two chambers: the phase unit holds the fuse, while the neutral unit contains a massive copper Neutral Link for the least possible resistance.



• Effectively protects people and devices by automatically disconnecting in the event of
   an overload or short circuit.

• The Cylindric Fuse Cartridge is demagnetised.

• Ceramic 16A, 20A or 25A fuse with silver plated caps provide thermic stability.

• Dimensions Fuse and Neutral Link: 10x38mm.

• 32A load with a maximum of 690 AC Volts.

• Dimensions module 36x81x58mm. Fits the DIN rail in
   your meter cupboard.

• Made in Germany by Siemens, CE, IEC, EN, UL, DIN and VDE certified, therefore suitable for worldwide use.

• Comes with two fuses and one Neutral Link Copper.

• Also highly effective for the power supply to TV and
  video equipment.

• Three versions available: 16A, 20A or 25A. (Other values are also possible on request)

• The housing is equipped with an Akiko Audio Power Tuning Chip.

The Neutral Link Copper can also be ordered separately.