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Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkIII

€ 165,00 each



About the Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks mkIII
The new and improved Akiko Audio Tuning Stick, which uses exclusive technology developed by Akiko Audio, is completely unique in the high-end accessories market. The Tuning Stick works by decreasing the high frequency noise in your music system, thereby improving the quality of your sound. Through years of experience we have acquired insights into crystal structures and the paramagnetic and piezoelectric properties of natural resources, which make the Tuning Stick render music cleaner and with less background noise.

Your equipment is continually exposed to high frequency radiation. This pollutes the music signal you listen to, without you even noticing it, because the high frequency noise mixes with the music.
Even a few of our Akiko Audio products will change your listening experience forever. Only then will you experience how good music can sound: enjoying your music in a relaxed way becomes self-evident and your expensive equipment will perform at a higher level because of the lower noise floor. The Akiko Audio adventure can start with as little as a couple of Tuning Sticks or a Triple AC Enhancer in the power distributor. You will be amazed by the result!

We offer four versions of the Tuning Stick, each with its own composition and specifically designed for its task in the audio/video setup.

To gain the best results we advise combining different types of Tuning Stick in your system.

Which improvements can you expect:

- Analogue sound: less sharp and more natural.

- Music sounds cleaner and the spatial rendering is easier to hear.

- Improved voice rendering: fuller sounds and less obstructive ‘S’ sounds.

Every Tuning Stick is made with attention and care in our own workshop.

Because of the elegant and handy design, the tuning stick can be placed inconspicuously in each music set.


Akiko Audio measurementsSpecifications:

- Dimensions: 150 mm x 22 mm.
- Two copper conductors.
- The Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkII is Hand Made.
- The cryogenic treated Audiograde AC Connector belongs to
  the Akiko Audio brand.
- Treated with contact enhancer.
- 100-250 volt.

Tuning Stick AC mkIII

Use: in an unused input of your power strip or socket, or in a socket in the electricity meter cupboard. This Tuning Stick comes with a short firm connection with plug. Only the grounding makes a connection, which is completely safe. The grounding in your house is probably polluted, seeing as it's its job to deduct all impurities to the grounding outside the house. By filling the Tuning Stick with a unique High Tech A.A.T., again stabilized with a special resin, we have developed a technique which makes it possible to treat this grounding. The improvements can be heard very well; a very natural sound is what you can expect.


Akiko Audio Award

Each Tuning Stick is delivered in a solid packaging. All four Tuning Sticks can be combined, especially recommended together with our Triple AC Enhancer. More units only enhance the performance. 


Also available with US/UK/Swiss plug.
Please report this under comments when you order.

Satisfaction guaranteed, 14 day money back guarantee.