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Akiko Audio Tuning Disc

€ 149,00 each


Akiko Audio Tuning Disc

A powerful tool for relaxed music rendering.

The Tuning Disc is loaded with vibration particles of natural origin for 7 months. This irreversible process takes place in-house, giving the material unique properties that ensure a very relaxed music reproduction. The disc should be placed on or under equipment or loudspeakers, so that the energetic energy has the opportunity to influence the immediate environment.

Small details become more audible and, together with a quieter background, ensure a quiet and natural music reproduction. The well-known recording that you thought you knew through and through can therefore also surprise.

The Tuning Disc can be combined very well with our other tuning accessories, because the operation is completely different, but the goal is the same; relax and enjoy your music!

The Tuning Disc is made of stainless steel and has felt on the underside to protect your valuable equipment. The format was not chosen by chance; the diameter is the same as that of a CD and the Tuning Disc can also be used to de-clutter CDs and DVDs before playing them.

Because the Tuning Disc spreads an energetic field in the horizontal plane, the disc can also be placed under equipment and loudspeakers, without direct contact with the disc being necessary.

What improvements can you expect:

- More relaxation when listening to your music.

- Music is experienced as more natural and pleasant. Listening fatigue doesn't stand a chance.

- Spatiality increases, because small details are better perceived.


- On top of the preamplifier and phono amplifier.

- On top of the power amplifiers.

- On top of source equipment.

- On top or under speakers.

- On top of power distributors and power conditioners, switch, modem.

- Anywhere in your set where stray fields negatively affect the sound.


- Made of stainless steel.

- Diameter 12 cm.Reviews button

- Thickness 6mm.

- Weight 540 grams.


Thanks to our 14-day 'not satisfied - money back' guarantee, you can try everything out at home.