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Akiko Audio Triple AC Evolution

triple_evo3Akiko Audio Triple AC Evolution
€ 450,00 each



A powerful tool for a more beautiful sound and quieter background.

By combining the best qualities of the successful Triple AC Enhancer and the Power Conditioner Corelli, this Triple AC Evolution has become a new product in our premium line, noticeably supressing the high frequency noise in the power supply of your music system.

The Triple AC Evolution combines clear improvements with a neutral sound balance. If you are satisfied with the sound of your system and exclusively want a reduction in background noise, the Evolution is the right choice. Lowering the noise always improves your music experience!

The Triple AC Evolution can be combined very well with a Power Conditioner Corelli. They reinforce each other in a positive way.

Internally, three compartments are brought together a beautiful golden housing of anodised aluminium and stabilised with black resin to supress unwanted microphonic effects.

All our products have been proven to work through technical measurements. Supressing high frequency noise produces a music rendering in the audio spectrum that is experienced as being more pleasant.


Improvements you may expect:

- Clean and honest sound: immediately audible; not subtle!

- Less background noise, more dynamics.

- Music is experienced as more natural. Listening fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.

- Spaciousness increases, because smaller details become more perceivable.

- The low sounds more natural and is easier to follow.

- Remarkable improvements in the voice rendering: less intrusive ‘S’ sounds.


- Connect to a power strip that your equipment is connected to.

- Connect to the wall socket that your equipment is connected to.

- Connect to a power filter or generator that your equipment is connected to.



- Neutral tonal balance

- High quality audiograde Gold AC connector with aluminium housing.

- The Triple AC Evolution’s wiring is exclusively connected to the grounding, making it absolutely safe.

- Internally, the product does not contain any metals, ferrite or power filtering.

- Length housing: 160 mm

- Length total: 330 mm

- Weight: 700 grams

- The Akiko Audio Triple AC Evolution is Hand Made

- Treated with contact enhancer

- Suitable for 100-250 volt.

- The Triple AC Evolution is the superior model of the Triple AC Enhancer

- Also available in US edition.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Thanks to our international 14-day money-back guarantee you can try everything at home for yourself.