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Akiko Audio Phono Booster

€ 379,00 each


Akiko Audio Phono Booster

Lowering the noise floor in the rendering chain is our speciality. A high noise floor results from contaminated electricity and high frequency radiation. The electrical signal from your record player is especially sensitive to these disturbances. You have consciously chosen for analogue rendering, so of course information from the record groove shouldn’t be polluted with high frequency noise.

We developed the Phono Booster, a device which effectively reduces high frequency noise, to render your music naturally and cleanly. Reducing the high frequency noise leads to a very pleasant music rendition in the audio spectrum. This leaves you able to enjoy your record collection at its finest!

The Akiko Audio Phono Booster: an entirely new device which lowers the noise floor in a unique way, without using electrical components or active power filtering.

On the inside, the Phono Booster consists of two compartments with a clever AA-1425 mix of natural materials joined together with internal wiring. The content is stabilised with special black resin, which properly suppresses microphonic effects. The case is made of thick aluminium and has an input connection at the back.

Placing the device:

The Phono Booster can be placed next to or behind your record player, or next to or on top of the phono amplifier.

The flexible black connection cable is connected to the earthing screw of your record player or phono amplifier. The Phono Booster doesn’t use any electricity and is completely safe in use.

Which improvements can you expect?

  • A very honest rendering.
  • The Phono Booster supports your phono amplifier, raising its performance to a higher level.
  • Remarkable improvements to the voice and acoustic instruments rendering.
  • Increase in spaciousness and micro dynamics: it sounds livelier!
  • Listening to music becomes more pleasurable because the noise floor is reduced. Listening fatigue stands no chance!
  • In addition, more small details become audible because of the lower noise floor as well. More emotions are carried across while listening to your records.


  • Dimensions: 98 mm x 65 mm x 39 mm (Length x Width x Height).
  • Weight: 430 gram.
  • All soldering is done with Silver Solder.
  • Gold plated Hirschmann 4mm banana socket.
  • 60 cm Connection cable included, fitted with gold plated 4 mm spade. Other connectors such as RCA or XLR are also possible on request.
  • The Akiko Audio Phono Booster is Hand Made.
  • Comes with 4 soft rubber feet.
  • 10 years factory warranty. 

Satisfaction guaranteed, 14 day money back guarantee.