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Akiko Audio Neutral Link Copper

€ 20,00 each


Akiko Audio Neutral Link Copper

An eye for detail will often yield the best results in an audio or video system. This is especially true for the AC power supply. Using a fuse wire instead of an electro-magnetic fuse contributes to a more natural sound. The importance of a neutral link is often underestimated! Here too, choice of material and electrical properties is decisive to get optimal results from the Cylindric Fuse Cartridge in your meter cupboard.

The Akiko Audio Neutral Link Copper is made from solid copper. An upgrade to any fuse holder, even if it’s from a different brand.

There are brands that simply use a sawed-off piece of copper pipe as a neutral link, or links made from pressed metal, however, you can easily replace these links with model made from solid copper. The dimensions are the same as for the fuse: 10x38mm, so our Neutral Link Copper always fits! 

Made of pure ETP red copper; oxygen-rich and with a conductivity rating of 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)