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Akiko Audio Loudspeaker Improver

€ 995,00 each



For all passive loudspeakers

Drawing upon our extensive experience in high-frequency noise reduction, we are pleased to introduce the Loudspeaker Improvers. A new addition to our reference series, designed to enhance the playback quality of your speakers at the end of the signal path.

The Loudspeaker Improver maintains a neutral sound balance, but by cleaning up the signal, it enhances the familiar sound of your speakers, making it appear slightly fuller while improving coherence between the high, mid, and low-frequency drivers. Additionally, bass tones are perceived more accurately, and the speaker will effortlessly fill the listening space with music. We've observed a noticeable improvement in stereo imaging, as if the channel separation increases, contributing to a more immersive music experience. The Loudspeaker Improvers can be effectively paired with our other tuning products such as the Triple AC, Castello Ground Conditioner, and Power Conditioner Corelli, enhancing each other's effects positively.

Internally, the units are infused with our premium mineral mix enriched with gold. The wiring scheme has been redesigned, and the whole unit is stabilized with black resin to effectively prevent unwanted microphonic effects. The efficacy of our products has been demonstrated through measurement. By suppressing high-frequency interferences, they produce a rendering in the audio spectrum that is perceived more pleasantly.

What improvements can you expect:

  • Clean, natural sound with a beautiful stereo image.
  • Increased dynamics due to reduced background noise.
  • Music is perceived as more natural.
  • Even less-than-perfect recordings can pleasantly surprise.
  • Spatiality increases as small details are better perceived.
  • Bass reproduction sounds very natural.


  • Using the provided connection cables, connect the Loudspeaker Improvers to the negative side of the speaker terminals. These are almost always marked with the color black. See the photo on this page.


  • For floor-standing speakers: behind the speakers, on the speakers, or on the floor of the listening room.
  • For monitor or bookshelf speakers: behind the speakers, on the speakers, on the floor, attached to stands, or on the base plate of the stands.


  • Black anodized aluminum housing equipped with 4mm Hirschmann gold plated banana sockets.
  • A set of Loudspeaker Improvers comes with two connection cables, featuring silver-plated copper conductors with P.T.F.E. insulation.
  • The 2 connection cables can be customized with 6/8mm gold plated spade or equipped with 4mm gold plated banana connectors as desired.
  • The length of the connection cables is 0,5 meters as standard, up to a maximum of 1.5 meters each on request.
  • Also suitable for bi-wiring.
  • The housings are double insulated, and the connection cables are exclusively connected to the negative terminals of the speakers; thus, absolutely safe.
  • The product contains no internal active power filtering or electronic components.
  • Weight: 1 kilogram each.
  • Parallel technique, so no impact on the technical properties of speaker cables and amplifier.
  • Dimensions: 135x90x63mm (LxWxH) including banana socket, including feet.
  • The Loudspeaker Improver can also be ordered individually, for example, for your center speaker.
  • The Akiko Audio Loudspeaker Improver is Hand Made.

When placing your order, please indicate which version you wish to receive; 4mm Banana or 6/8mm Spade. The standard length of the connection cables is 0.5 m, you can also indicate this (up to 1.5 meters is possible).

Thanks to our 30-day 'not satisfied - money back' guarantee, you can try everything at home with peace of mind.

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