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Akiko Audio Harmonizer Unit Pro Corundum

€ 389,00 each


Akiko Audio Harmonizer Unit Pro
Improved Corundum version

We have experienced that adding an extra Harmonizer to the start of the power supply and connected to the earth rail improves the results of the Corelli even more.

This unit is identical to the Harmonizer in the Akiko Audio Powerconditioner Corelli.

The Corelli is supported by the extra Harmonizer unit in your meter cupboard; the improvement is clearly audible.
A must for every Corelli owner!

Akiko Audio Harmonizer

The Harmonizer comes with a meter long connection cable and should be placed besides the meter cupboard.

Preferably connect this green/yellow cable to the same rail on which the earthing for the separate power cable of your audio/video set-up is also connected.

Since the cup board has to be opened for this, this is work for an qualified electrician.

Shorten the connection cable if possible.

Finally, mount the Harmonizer as close as possible to the meter cupboard using two self-tappers or screws.

Akiko Audio DIY Black Box Fuse BoxWhich improvements can you expect:

  • The great properties of the Corelli are amplified.
  • A very honest and neutral rendering.
  • Improved timing.
  • Music is experienced more naturally and cleaner.
  • Remarkable improvement of the voice rendering and rendering of acoustic instruments.
  • Because high frequency noise is reduced, listening to music becomes more pleasant; listening fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.
  • You listen deeper into the recording; because of the lower noise floor little details become audible. Enjoying your music becomes more emotional.


Dimensions: 71mm x 61mm x 30mm.

Weight: 250 gram.

Material: Shockproof anti-static ABS.

Connection cable: 1 meter long 2,5mm² grounding cable, colour coded green-yelllow.

Supplied with clear installation instructions.

Comes with 14 days ‘not satisfied-money back’ guarantee.