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Akiko Audio Ground Conditioner Castello

€ 1.295,00 each


Akiko Audio Ground Conditioner Castello 

Over the past years we have become very experienced in reducing the noise floor in the rendering chain. Noise pollution is an unwanted signal in the rendering chain, which affects all connected devices in your audio and video system. The ground in the power supply has a more complicated task than is generally assumed. It is often seen as a mere safety precaution and thus receives little attention. Nonetheless, the grounding also influences your devices. The potential of all connected devices differs and is influenced by the resistance in your cables and in the connectors in your meter cupboard. Similarly, the grounding has a variable energy level of itself as well. We have noticed that a correctly applied grounding can have major influences on the sound and image quality.

The Ground Conditioner Castello operates independently and is therefore not influenced by other electrical equipment in your house. The compact unit is passive and forms a zero-reference for your system. High frequency surface electricity seeks a low energy point and will therefore use the Ground Conditioner as a ground.

An entirely new reference ground conditioner which supplies a clean ground within your set, in a completely unique way and without using any electrical components. It achieves noise reduction without any negative side effects. Its powerful effects are audible immediately.

The Ground Conditioner Castello has three compartments, which are separated from each other yet still work together because they are encased in a single aluminium housing. The contents are stabilized with special black resin. The Ground Conditioner has three connectors and every unit comes with three ground wires. It works especially well with digital source equipment, preamplifiers, computer related devices, DACs and high-end LED screens. It is a modular system, which means you can add multiple units to your set if more connections are required.

The effects of our products have measured for proof. Reducing the high frequency noise creates a pleasant music experience. The Ground Conditioner Castello combines very well with other Akiko Audio tuning products and improves the effects of the Power Conditioner Corelli.

Which improvements can you expect:

  • A very honest, relaxed and neutral rendering.
  • Improved dynamics and spaciousness.
  • Music is experienced more naturally and cleaner.
  • Improvements in the image and sound quality of video systems.
  • Remarkable improvements in voice rendering and the rendering of acoustic instruments.
  • By lowering the high frequency noise, listening fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.
  • You will be immersed deeper into the recording; because of the low noise floor small details become audible. This leads to more emotion!

Besides or on top of your equipment, or on the floor. The specific location is not of utmost importance.


  • Width: 160mm
  • Length: 160mm
  • Height: 110 mm
  • Weight: 4,6 kg (10,14 lbs)
  • Gold plated Hirschmann 4mm banana sockets.
  • 3 x 1,5 meter RCA cables included, or configured with XLR Male, XLR Female, spade 4mm, spade 6/8mm.
    Please report this when you order. Other connectors are also available on request.
  • The Akiko Audio Ground Conditioner Castello is Hand Made.
  • All soldering is done with Silver Solder.
  • 30 days ‘not satisfied-money back’ guarantee.
  • 10 years factory warranty
  • You can order additional connection cables at the category cables.