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Akiko Audio E-Tuning Gold mkII Improved Version 2024

€ 249,00 each


Akiko Audio E-Tuning Gold mkII Improved version 2024

Our goal was to develop an AC enhancer with a clear operation that surpasses existing models from other brands.

Even a very good power cable and power distributor can be improved with our E-Tuning Gold mk II. The E-Tuning Gold provides a bit more warmth in the sound and is effective in reducing an overly pronounced high-frequency response and unrest in the soundstage.

The 'ET' mk II is filled with a mixture of minerals, piezoelectric, and paramagnetic materials and enriched with gold. The Improved 2024 version is equipped with an enhanced mineral mix. Additionally, the contents of the E-Tuning Gold mkII are stabilized with black resin, a material that effectively suppresses microphony effects, which is a crucial requirement for a quiet and pleasant music rendering.

The operation of our products has been demonstrated through measurement techniques. Suppressing high-frequency interference leads to a music reproduction experience that is perceived as more pleasant in the audio spectrum.

Applications:Akiko Audio measurements

  • Attach to the power cable of your amplifier, CD player, or streamer.
  • Attach to the main power cable of your audio system, for example, at your (wall) socket strip or to the power cable of your socket strip or power conditioner.
  • Attach in the meter cupboard, near, or to the power cable that supplies power to your audio system.
  • Place the E-Tuning Gold mkII on equipment with a built-in power supply, such as an amplifier, DAC, CD player, or streamer.
  • Place the E-Tuning Gold on an external power supply.
  • Place on or as close as possible to a modem, switch, or router. This equipment causes a lot of interference and is very sensitive. You will be amazed at how the flow of the data signal can be improved by the E-Tuning Gold mkII.
  • The weight is over 475 grams each.
  • Length 150 mm
  • Diameter 50 mm

The new E-Tuning Gold mk II has received a modern look of glossy black anodized aluminum and is finished with chrome-plated end caps. Each E-Tuning Gold comes with two velcro wraps.

What can you expect? A more natural reproduction of instruments, less sharpness in voices, and an increase in spaciousness. Less background noise and more tranquility and warmth....

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Thanks to our international 14-day money-back guarantee you can try everything at home for yourself.