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Akiko Audio Power Conditioner Corelli Corundum

€ 1.895,00 each



Akiko Audio Power Conditioner Corelli
Improved Corundum version.

In the past few years we have gained a lot of experience in power tuning and lowering the noise floor in the rendering chain. This experience has now led to the development of a unique power conditioner: the Akiko Audio Corelli.

A pioneering reference power conditioner which provides your set with power in a unique way, without the use of electrical components and active power filtering. It reduces noise without negative side effects such as reduced dynamics or natural quality.

Internally the Corelli is set up with units made of anodized aluminium, specifically geared to their task. The neutral, phase and grounding are separately treated. An extra fourth Harmonizer unit is responsible for the improvement of the internal high frequency radiation field. Moreover, the device is stabilised with black resin to repress unwanted microphonic effects adequately.

That our products work has been shown by measurements. Reducing high frequency noise leads to a music rendering in the audio spectrum that is perceived as a more enjoyable experience.

As a connection cable we strongly recommend the Akiko Audio Powercord HQ Flex with a length of 1.50m.

Which improvements can you expect:

  • A very honest and neutral rendering.
  • Improved timing. 
  • Music is experienced as more natural and cleaner.
  • Remarkable improvement of voice rendering and the rendering of acoustic instruments. 
  • By lowering the high frequency noise, listening to music becomes more enjoyable; listening fatigue doesn’t get a chance.
  • You will submerge deeper into the recording; because of the low noise floor small details become audible, leading to more emotion whilst enjoying your music. 


Attach to the power strip or socket, whichever your equipment is connected to.


  • Width: 215mm
  • Length: 311mm
  • Height: 100mm without the feet (112mm with feet)
  • Weight: 6,3 kg
  • The Corelli doesn’t contain any electrical components or active power filtering.
  • Ground unit enriched with minerals from the corundum group.
  • The Corelli doesn’t come with an on-off switch, display or led lighting, to prevent extra contact resistance and unnecessary power pollution.
  • The 8mm thick aluminium front panel is energetically treated.
  • The Akiko Audio Power conditioner Corelli is Hand Made.
  • All soldering is done with Silver Solder.
  • Suitable for 90 to 250 Volt, 50-60 Hz. 
  • Furutech IEC inlet with fuse holder.
  • Comes with an Audio Grade gold plated ceramic fuse, with Tuning Chip.
  • Castello Connect input.
  • 30 days ‘not satisfied-money back’ guarantee.
  • Reviews button10 years factory warranty