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Aktyna EVO NEO 432 

A completely new equipment foot with an extremely inventive approach to the resonance problem based on decoupling and six internal micro Helmholtz resonators, which together accentuate the harmonic upper tones in the 432 Hz tuning range.Aktyna NEO 432jpg A Helmholtz resonator is an acoustic resonator that works as a mass feather system, named after the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

This special hybrid technique creates a more natural sound that collaborates harmonically with the fluids in our hearing organ.

By using the Aktyna EVO NEO 432 feet your music will contain more natural upper tones, which are processed more easily by our human hearing. This creates a relaxing feel that works against listening fatigue.

We can recommend these very special feet to the music fan who sees his hobby as the ultimate form of relaxation. They work very nice with tube amplifiers, record players and transistor preamplifiers. Streamers and DACs can also profit from the extra portion of harmonic upper tones, making even digital music more calm and natural.
Functions on every surface.

A unique design from designer Panayotis Gioulos.
Aktyna feet are the world’s best when it comes to absorbing unwanted vibrations.
They are made in the French Alps; an ingenious design with a lifelong guarantee.

Akiko Audio is the Aktyna brand importer.


Height: 41 mm
Top diameter: 39,5 mm
Bottom diameter: 59,5 mm
Weight: 188 gram per piece
Maximum load per piece: 60 kilogram


 Aktyna EVO NEO 432 Set of 3 pieces

 Price: € 430,-
(Outside EU € 355,37)
   Aktyna EVO NEO 432 Set of 4 pieces

 Price: € 570,-
(Outside EU € 471,07)
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