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Akiko Audio Powercable Figure 8 small iec 8

Akiko Audio Powercord Figure 8 Plug


An incredible power cable that enhances performance of all equipment with a simple Fig-8 connector.

Designed to upgrade a DAC, Naim Muso, Sonos, media streamers and high end LED and plasma televisions.

Replace your poor quality standard power cable and you’ll immediately experience a great improvement! The Powercord Figure 8 Plug also possesses the characteristic open and spacious sound, with fast timing and comfortable natural rendering.

Because a Figure 8 doesn’t have a grounding, we developed a Tuning Stick that decreases high frequency noise, especially for this cable. This results in a very pleasant rendering of image and sound. This special Tuning Stick is included!

No cutbacks were made on the materials: only top quality PTFE dielectric material is used for the Akiko Audio Powercord Figure 8 Plug.


A lot of attention is also paid to the conductors: through an Akiko Audio developed MSSCT™  procedure the ‘stress’, caused by production and packaging, is removed. The cable becomes noticeably more suppler and because of this process a smoother sound rendering is also achieved.

The cable is completely shielded against RFI and EMI radiation by means of a copper braid. The finish consists of a strong black sheath.

The cryogen treated connector comes from Akiko Audio.

The Powercord Figure 8 Plug is also entirely made by hand in our workshop.

We do not use any existing factory cable.

The standard cable is 1.50 meters, however since every cable is made by hand you can also order a different length.

Akiko Audio fig 8


- The cable consists of 6 solid core conductors.

- Pure Silver or 60 microns extruded silver over 99.9999 OFC.

  This design lowers the resistance of the cable keeping power loss extremely low.

- Insulation; PTFE
  PTFE insulation is superior to all other materials (FEP included!) in that it has very low signal loss.

- Copper shielding.

- Connectors: Fig-8 and Akiko Audio plug.

- Mechanical stretch stress conductor treatment (MSSCT™).

- Dielectric constant: PTFE 2,0.

- Voltage loss on a load of 10A: < 0.15 Volt.

- Treated with Silver Contact Enhancer.

- Special Tuning Stick included!



Schuko Gold Plug and Silver plated copper conductors.

Price: € 350,- 



Schuko Rhodium Plug and pure Silver conductors.

Price: € 450,-


U.S. Gold Plug and Silver plated copper conductors.

Price: € 350,-
U.S. Rhodium Plug and pure Silver conductors.

Price: € 450,-