Gold glass  Akiko Audio RCA cap gold teflon

Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Cap Gold

To reduce the amount of RF/EMI noise that enters your equipment through the unprotected RCA input and output as much as possible, we advise using our special RCA caps.

The Tuning Caps are made from copper, a material that is exceptionally well suited for the job. Moreover an extra layer of metal, gold or rhodium, is applied for sustainability reasons and as a nice finishing touch. Both metals have a subtle influence on the sound rendering: gold makes it sound warmer, rhodium a bit more neutral.Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps Gold small

Our caps provide excellent protection, preventing high frequency radiation from entering the inputs of your equipment. This unique property is further strengthened by the Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Chip, applied to each cap.

The recently developed energetic Tuning Chips are able to harmonise energy currents in places that were previously inaccessible to our other tuning products. The Chip is able to do this by permanently applying harmonising energy there where the Chip has been placed.
The Akiko Audio Cell turns a passive cap into an active tuning tool !

On top of this the Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps are cryogenically treated, making the crystal structure of the copper more regular.

Attention to detail is important to us!

Providing your equipment with the Akiko Audio Tuning Caps will contribute to a sound rendering with a ‘black’ background, causing the details to become more audible. The noise floor is reduced considerably: less noise means more music!


  • Made of pure copper, the best effective material to isolate EMI and RF noise absorbtion.
  • Uses the best Gold Plating techniques.
  • Completely fits over unused connectors to protect from oxidation, dust and corrosion.
  • Akiko Audio Tuning Chip RCA on top.
  • Pure Teflon inside for isolation and damping.

Price: € 11,50 per piece